“Deeper than boxing”: Jermell Charlo issues stern warning on IG ahead of his matchup vs Canelo Alvarez

Jermell Charlo, the undisputed light middleweight world champion, made his intentions clear as he issued a stern warning to his upcoming opponent, Canelo Alvarez in an Instagram post yesterday.

The much-anticipated showdown between Alvarez and Charlo has been officially scheduled for September 30 in Las Vegas. The fighters themselves took to social media to confirm the news, igniting the countdown for this epic clash between two undisputed world champions.

Jermell Charlo gives a brutal warning to Canelo Alvarez before their bout

As their highly anticipated boxing showdown is now confirmed, Charlo appears determined to solidify his position as one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world. 

In a recent Instagram post, Charlo expressed his warning toward his Mexican ring opponent by captioning a post, “It’s Deeper Than Boxing. LEGACY. GREATNESS. MY TIME. I WON’T BE DENIED.” 

Some boxing enthusiasts express concerns about Jermell Charlo’s limited activity in the ring over the past three years, having fought only twice. They worry that this extended absence may have an impact on the American boxer’s performance.

Conversely, there are also opinions suggesting that Canelo could perceive Charlo as an easier opponent to defeat due to his recent activity and potential ring rust.

Boxing community anticipates Jermell Charlo to be ‘knocked out’

The Boxing community, already super excited about this matchup, took to social media to express their predictions regarding the fight. However many claims that it would be an easy win for Canelo. 

Peter Simon, for instance, seems to be placing his support on Canelo as he said, “I see Canelo winning here. Charlo will hold on though through the fight.” 

“Easy night work for Canelo. Jermell dare to be great. But weight and size matters. And Canelo is the more active fighter. No chance at all. Jermell should have taken a tune up fight before accepting this fight.” a user commented. 

Another user expressed his hope for Saul as he stated,” I see canelo by unanimous decision but hey anything can happen. I have some doubt and I have a feeling that Charlo could win.”

” I think this might be fight of the year! Charlo ain’t no hoe he come to fight! And we all know how canelo get down! One of the best years of boxing hands down.” another user said. 

There’s a difference of opinions as well, with many people thinking Charlo will give a hard time to Saul instead. A user commented,” A lot of people won’t even notice that he’s fighting the smaller of the two Charlos who campaigns two divisions below Canelo. Jermell will still give him problems.” 

The stage now looks set for a massive clash between Jermell Charlo and Canelo Alvarez. Will you turn up for the clash? Who do you think gets the job done? Let’s have a discussion below!

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