Ryan Garcia reportedly made $50 million fighting Devin Haney with massive payout, betting on himself

When Ryan Gracia came out victorious against Devin Haney, and did so in style, the entire boxing community had to turn their attention to the 25-year-old’s success. Not only did Ryan Garcia’s victory over Devin Haney send shockwaves through the boxing community, but he also allegedly made a massive amount while doing it.

Ryan Garcia reportedly made $50,000,000 fighting Devin Haney, which included a significant payout from betting on himself. Garcia reportedly received a $12,000,000 bet payout after placing a $2,000,000 bet on himself.

‘KingRy’ promised to pay Haney $500k for every pound he missed weight by. Due to exceeding the weight limit by 3.2 pounds, Garcia was required to pay approximately $1.5 million to Haney.

Many fans expressed strong disapproval of Ryan Garcia’s alleged wager. Several X users have suggested that it may be against the law for fighters to place bets on themselves in professional combat sports competitions. Contrary to expectations, Garcia garnered support from certain corners of the fight world, with many fans praising his boldness in placing a bet on himself in such a high-stakes match.

ESPN reports that the Nevada State Athletic Commission and the Nevada Gaming Control do not have any regulations regarding boxers betting on themselves. Regardless of any personal bet on himself, it’s clear that he has earned a substantial amount of money from the Devin Haney fight, further boosting his overall net worth.

What’s Ryan Garcia’s 2024 net worth?

Ryan Garcia’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $20,000,000 in 2024, as per Celebrity Net Worth. The 25-year-old boxer has proven himself to be a formidable force in the world of lightweight boxing, thanks to his unwavering commitment and relentless efforts. He has been rewarded with a significant amount of wealth at a young age.

Ryan Garcia knocks down Devin Haney via Getty Images

Ryan Garcia possesses a diverse collection of cars, covering both practical SUVs and high-performance supercars. His impressive car collection boasts top racing brands such as Ferrari, Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, and more. One of the standout vehicles in his collection is the GMC Hummer EV, which has gained significant popularity.

Ryan Garcia has also secured a range of impressive endorsements, including those from DIOR, Gatorade, Gymshark, Young LA, 1800 Tequila, and more.

Garcia proudly displays his dual heritage as he enters the ring, carrying both the American and Mexican flags. Ryan Garcia’s remarkable skills and unwavering determination have solidified his status as a rising star in the boxing world.

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