UFC 276: Robbie Lawler vs Bryan Barberena Purse, Payouts, Salaries: How Much Will the Fighters Make?

Ruthless Robbie Lawler is set to return to the octagon once more to face Bryan Barberena in his 46 professional MMA fight. Robbie Lawler is a former UFC welterweight Champion and veteran of the octagon.

His last fight was against fellow legend Nick Diaz where he stopped him and enacted vengeance for a loss earlier in his career. Robbie Lawler is returning to what could be his last fight with UFC. “Ruthless” could retire after this as his contract runs out.

Lawler currently has a record of 29 wins and 15 losses with one no contest, whereas his opponent, Bryan Barberena, is seven years younger with a record of 17 wins and 8 losses.

Lawler, who is now 40 years old, may find this to be challenging undertaking. However, when two veteran fighters square off, this welterweight contest may go down in history.

With all the way let us take a look at the fight purses of these two fighters!

Robbie Lawler vs Bryan Barberena purse, payouts, salaries

Although the UFC maintains tight privacy on athlete salaries, we can still estimate each fighter’s earnings based on their prior matches, our UFC insider data, numerous news outlets, authors, and Nevada State Athletic Commission data. Without further ado, let’s deep dive into the fight purse, payouts of Robbie Lawler vs Bryan Barberena.

Robbie Lawler vs Bryan Barbarena

How much will Robbie Lawler make at UFC 276?

Robbie Lawler started his UFC career way back in 2004 at UFC 47. He was awarded a small purse of $8000 for the fight. Since then, Lawler has gone on to become a UFC champion and legend. His last 4 fights earned him close to a million dollars combined.

His last outing was against old rival Nick Diaz, where he bagged a fight purse of $321,000. But that was inflated due to Nick Diaz’s star power. This time around, that purse will not be that big and could amount to $250,000.

How much will Bryan Barberena make at UFC 276?

Bryan Barberena is not nearly as famous as former champion Robbie Lawler, but because he will be fighting in an Israel Adesanya pay-per-view against a former champion, he will earn more money than in his previous endeavors.

Bryans’ last outing got him a purse of $121,000 wild even before that amounted to $116,000. This time his payout could rise up to $150,000 excluding bonuses.

However, these payouts don’t include any deduction for some classified items such as licenses, insurance and taxes. In addition to that, PPV cuts are also not calculated here.

Further, the PPV payout and other incentive payments will be added later after the event is finished. Hence, the fighters will earn more which we will update upon the disclosure form the organizer.


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