who’s Jared Cannonier wife Catherine? recounts their love affair

Jared Cannonier, American mixed martial artist, has experienced a rollercoaster ride since joining the UFC and finally ended up in the middleweight division being played in the heavyweight division and the light heavyweight division, respectively. The Killa Gorilla has found success in the middleweight division and is going to face the champion, Israel Adesanya, for the middleweight belt.

Unlike the odds in professional life, Cannonier enjoys a happy personal life. He is blessed to have the biggest supporter a man could ever desire: a beautiful, caring wife, Catherine Cannonier.

Who is Catherine Cannonier?

Catherine Cannonier is the wife of UFC middleweight contender Jared Cannonier. Similar to her husband Jared, she was a soldier in the US Army. Jared and Catherine have been married to each other for a very long time now. It is reported that both met while they were in the army and serving the United States of America.

How Jared Cannonier meet with wife Catherine?

Catherine Cannonier also served in the United States Army, much like her husband, Jared. Jared Cannonier and Catherine met in Alabama while they were on duty.

Jared and Catherine went on to date before they have been married for 13 long years. They are mixed-race couple who have succeeded in keeping their marriage together despite the challenges faced by professional fighters imaintaining stable family life.

Jared has mentioned his wife and family multiple times in many interviews as being his inspiration and support throughout his career. He infamously stated that he was broke at one point due to not getting paid enough by the UFC. But his wife supported him through all the hard times.

Jared and his wife will be set for life if Cannonier can beat Israel Adesanya at UFC 276. Cannonier is currently 37 and is close to retiring. If he fails to beat Adesanya, there might not be another fight left in him.

How many kids Jared and Catherine have?

Jared and Catherine have been together since they were married for 13 years. His wife, Catherine, has always been a great inspiration to him on his way to success.

However, they have three mixed-race children, as Catherine is a woman of Caucasian descent, while Jared was born to African American parents. The couple have been living a happy life under strict privacy and they do not show off their personal lives on social media.

Catherine Cannonier’s net worth at Present 

The Cannonier family, despite having celebrity status, are not very well off financially. Jared Cannonier recently revealed that he was broke even after receiving constant payouts from the UFC.

Details emerged about how he had to pay for his gym and coach a lot of money, which was not covered by the UFC. Jared had to rely on his wife to get by and pay for his training. Catherine is an army veteran and does not have celebrity-like money in her bank. As a result, her net worth is estimated to be around $250,000.


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