who’s Max Holloway wife Alessa Quizon? recounts their love affair

Max “Blessed” Holloway is one of the best featherweight fighters to ever fight in the UFC. His greatness and reign as a featherweight champion are undeniable.

However, the former champion lost his title to Alexander Volkanovski and failed to regain it in a rematch. But this did not diminish his star power at all. His likeable personality made him one of the most enduring UFC fighters out there.

Mac has a huge fan following and there is much intrigue about his personal life namely his attractive surfer girlfriend Alessa Quizon.

Who is Max Holloway wife?

Alessa Quizon, from Oahu, Hawaii, is the wife of UFC fighter Max Holloway. She herself is a professional athlete, a surfer to be exact.

In fact, she comes from a family of surfers, with her sister being involved in the competitive surfing scene as well. The stunning woman has two more siblings named John and Dayton.

The surfer boasts 567K Instagram followers. Alessa Quizon went on to date pro surfer Caio Ibelli before she reportedly got involved with Max Holloway in February 2020.

How did Max meet Alessa?

Max Holloway and his girlfriend, Alessa Quizon, are both natives of Hawaii. They had known each other for quite a while before they started dating.

Since the year 2020, they have been photographed together at UFC events and outside. They announced their relationship to the public, but it is not known how long they were dating before it went public.

Max Hollway was married to Kaimana Pai‘Aluhi before he officially ended up separating in 2017. After the split with his ex-wife Kaimana, he started dating Alessa.

When Max Holloway got married to Alessa Quizon?

Max and Alessa got married to each other in the year 2022. The exact date of marriage was April 16th. Max and Alessa Quizon dated for more than 2 years before tying the knot.

Since marrying Max Holloway, Alessa Quizon has become a step mother to his son from his former wife. Max and Alessa had a destination wedding which sent the internet into a frenzy. Their wedding was highly televised and was picture-perfect.

Regarding their marriage, Quizon was quoted saying “I married the love of my life. Sorry in advance, just wanted to let you guys know that I will be spamming your feed with all the beautiful memories that were made and the appreciation for those that made our wedding so special.”

Do Max Holloway and Alessa Quizon have children together?

No, Max Holloway and Alessa do not have children of their own. But their family is blessed with Max’s son from a previous marriage. Max’s son with his previous wife is known as Rush Holloway, but Max likes to call him “Mini Blessed,” as Max considers Rush a pathway to blessings.

what is Alessa Quizon profession and net worth?

Max Holloway wife

Quizone was an established professional surfer before she began dating Holloway. She is very famous around Hawaii and the United States in general. 

By the time she started dating Max, she had amassed a net worth of $5 million. The stardom that came with dating an established UFC champion helped her acquire more fame and money. Thanks to her husband’s fame, she will certainly have amassed a massive fortune in coming years.


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