Jets’ Zach Wilson grateful for Aaron Rodgers’ mentorship despite radio host’s subtle jab

Zach Wilson was the No.2 pick of the New York Jets in the 2021 NFL Draft. Last season the performance of the quarterback was way below average which affected the Jets’ overall performance. Therefore, for this season, they have signed Aaron Rodgers as the starting quarterback of the team.

While some people believe Aaron Rodgers is just overrated, Zach Wilson recently shared his gratitude for the presence of Rodgers on the team, sharing that he’s embracing the opportunity to learn from the legendary quarterback. 

Zach Wilson grateful for Aaron Rodgers’ mentorship

Before Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback situation of the Jets was very bad. Therefore, they signed the 39-year-old in a one-year deal that could be extended to two years. 

In past interviews, Rodgers has emphasized that he is going to prepare Wilson so that when he is retired Wilson can fill his void. In response to this statement, Zach Wilson shared that he is grateful that Rodgers is with the Jets. 

Aaron Rodgers

The backup quarterback said that just knowing that the quarterback trusts him helps him thrive.

“It helps me knowing that Aaron Rodgers believes in me, that he thinks I can play in this game for a long time.”

He shared that he could rely on him and appreciates him as a big brother. 

“That’s why I lean on him so much. I truly appreciate to have a big brother like that.”

It’s a great thing for the Jets that both quarterbacks of the team share a brotherly bond and no jealousy or negativity is there. It will help the team thrive in the regular season. Rodgers recently shared that he’s not going to get retired after this season which means Zach Wilson will have two years to learn from the four-time NFL MVP. It is a great chance for him to improve.

Mike Francesa mocks ‘Hard Knocks’ attempt to elevate Aaron Rodgers

Mike Francesa, an American radio host recently criticized the Hard Knocks documentary. Hard Knocks is an HBO documentary that will document the journey of Aaron Rodgers with the Jets in this regular season, the same as the Quarterback documentary that was released earlier this year

While the purpose of the documentary is to show how hard the players work, Mike Francesa believes that it is just an attempt to elevate Aaron Rodgers. 

Aaron Rodgers

He made fun of this documentary stating that they are trying hard to make Rodgers look like a very good person and help him win a lot of awards. 

“That show (Hard Knocks) has been staged, they’ve been trying to get Aaron Rodgers a Noble Peace Prize… I mean shut up, this is so staged it’s ridiculous. What are they trying to get him? He has every award. He doesn’t need any more awards.”

Well, he was right about one thing the quarterback has a lot of awards. But it means the league, or the Jets will not need to do anything like that to bring him more awards. Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and he has earned this reputation through the years of hard work and his incredible talent.

As the new season starts, all eyes will be on the Jets. People are eager to see whether the four-time NFL MVP will be able to help the Jets win a Super Bowl this time or not. We hope with his talent and determination Rodgers will once again prove his doubters wrong.

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