NFL analyst expects Aaron Rodgers to lead Jets to Super Bowl glory: “That’s what he is there for”

The former Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers seems to have found a new life with the Jets following his turbulent ending of Green Bay journey owing to miscommunication with the team’s front office. Before that, the four-time MVP enjoyed unprecedented success with the Packers while leading them to a Super Bowl.

After heading to New York, the quarterback already looks determined to give them his best energy and athletic prowess. Former NFL safety and NFL analyst Will Blackmon, thus, believed Rodgers’ intention is now only on leading the Jets to win their next Lombardi trophy.

Aaron Rodgers’ main goal with the Jets

Aaron gave pretty much his all to the Packers during his 18 years journey in Green Bay with a 150-79-1 winning streak with the franchise. Afterward, the Packers’ traded him in the off-season to his ‘dream team’ that he revealed on the Pat McAfee show. After joining the team, the quarterback appeared to be more thirsty to offer them great success than his previous team. 

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According to the analyst, the 39-year-old perhaps attended the Jets roster not merely for a season but rather with a view to offering them arguably the league’s best success story with his appearance on FOX Sports 1’s Speak

I don’t believe that it’s a one-year situation. It’s like, come here and at least make some noise and try to take over the AFC East, which they (the New York Jets) have not done in more than a decade,” said Blackmon.

Do you remember the claims by A-rod in Taylor Swift’s concert? The Jets’ quarterback announced his new team as the Super Bowl winner of this season back then.  Blackmon also identified winning the Super Bowl as Rodgers’ main goal to join the Jets,

His whole duration in New York, he better get a Super Bowl. That’s what he’s there for.” 

When was the last time Rodgers won Super Bowl?

Since his NFL journey started with the Packers in 2005, the former Green Bay starting QB for 15 seasons journey to uplift the Super Bowl trophy finally came to a close in 2011 with a win over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

How Many Super Bowls Has Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Won?

The then 27-year-old’ young star threw for 304 yards and three touchdowns on 24 of 39 attempts in a 31-25 win in Super Bowl XLV. Till then, the league’s one of best quarterbacks failed to clinch another trophy in spite of his personal accolades-filled career. 

Though a lot of people say a trophy can not judge the greatness of a player, players like Aaron knows the significance of the big title in their magnificent journey.

Nevertheless, as he has presented himself as a committed and dedicated player for the Jets already, the Jets can hope for great success in the upcoming season with him at the helm.


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