Dyami Brown health update: reviewing the latest on Commanders WR’s concussion

The preseason game between the Washington Commanders and Baltimore Ravens turned out to be very interesting. The Commanders broke the preseason winning streak of the Ravens. But it wasn’t easy for them to do so as two of their players got injured during the game including Dyami Brown and Terry McLaurin. 

The star wide receiver Terry McLaurin had to leave the game because of a toe injury. Dyami Brown, the wide receiver of the team also got injured during the game but still helped the team win.

Dyami Brown suffered concussion in Commanders’ win over Ravens 

Dyami Brown, entering his third NFL season, played very well in the preseason game against the Ravens. But after he scored a touchdown at the end of the first half, he was hit and fell to the ground. 

Dyami Brown

It was reported that the wide receiver was sent for evaluation for a concussion. After a while, he was seen laughing and talking and returned to the game. The results of the X-ray were negative therefore the team decided to send him back to the game.

Fortunately, he didn’t get a serious injury like Terry McLaurin. Otherwise, he would also be removed from the game. Now that the reports are clear, the wide receiver can play in the upcoming games as well.

Brown’s TD proved essential in streak halting result

Since the preseason started, the Baltimore Ravens were winning all the preseason games and were maintaining a winning streak. But that winning streak was ended by the Washington Commanders as they won the recent preseason game against the Ravens.

The touchdown of Brown proved very essential for the team’s win. The team’s starting quarterback Sam Howell also played a great part; he completed 19 of his 25 passing attempts for 188 yards and also made two touchdowns. 

He directed the second of his two touchdowns toward Dyami Brown who executed it.

Sam Howell and Brown are former teammates. They played together at North Carolina and shared a very good chemistry which helped the Commanders halt the winning streak of the Ravens.

As the regular season starts, we will get to see Sam Howell and Dyami Brown showing great chemistry on the field once again. Now that Brown is healthy, nothing can stop him from leading his team to victory in the upcoming games.

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