What happened to John Wolford? Looking at Bucs’ QB’s injury vs Jets in NFL preseason game

Tampa Bay Buccaneers is one of the strongest teams heading into the 2023 NFL season. However, a recent preseason game against the Jets introduced an unexpected twist to their ongoing journey. The quarterback of the team John Wolford got injured during the game. 

Wolford was doing very well with the team. He stood out in the previous games with his incredible skills and performances. The 27-year-old outperformed Baker Mayfield and Kyle Trask during the training minicamps. The team had a lot of confidence in him but with this unexpected injury, the tables have turned now.

How did John Wolford get injured?

During the second half of Saturday’s preseason game against the Jets, John Wolford got into the game replacing Kyle Trask. After a while, he was hit from the side on a sack by a Jets defensive end Jalyn Holmes. The hit was strong enough to make him fall face-first onto the field.

John Wolford

He stayed on the ground for a while and the team members started gathering around him. The quarterback was then loaded onto a stretcher and taken to a local hospital for examination.

The team said that he has suffered a neck injury. QB John Wolford has a neck injury, has movement in his extremities and is going to be taken to a local hospital for evaluation.”

After John Wolford was taken to the hospital, Trask continued the game and won the game against the Jets. The team didn’t share further details of the injury and health of Wolford at that time.

When will John Wolford return to NFL action?

Recently the coach of the team Todd Bowles shared that John Wolford is okay. He is moving and the team is optimistic he’ll return to the field soon. “He got his movement back in his arm. It kind of went numb a little bit. He got his movement back, and he seems to be OK,” the coach said.

The coach’s words have given hope to the fans that the quarterback will soon be playing again. 

John Wolford

It is not the first time for Wolford to suffer a neck injury. Last season when he was with the Los Angeles Rams, he was sidelined with a neck injury. This time he was having a very strong start with great performance in practices and preseason games. Before the injury, the quarterback completed one touchdown and 14 of 21 passes for 168 yards. 

The offensive coordinator of the team Dave Canales even called Wolford the “smartest guy in the room on day one.” The other players of the team were also impressed by his hardworking and humble personality.

The sudden neck injury has become a setback for him. We hope he’ll recover soon and this time the injury will not become a hurdle for him, allowing him to play in the regular season starting next month.

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