NFL injury report: Saints LB Andrew Dowell suffers ACL injury on knee, forcing him to sit out the whole 2023 NFL season

As the new NFL season is near, players have a lot of pressure to perform well and give their best on the field. However, one thing that the players can’t avoid is sudden injuries that can have severe effects on their careers. One such incident happened with the Saints’ LB Andrew Dowell.

According to recent reports, the LB has got a severe injury forcing him to sit out the whole 2023 NFL season. Despite being a valuable player on the team, the knee injury won’t allow Dowell to participate in any game this season.

Saints LB Andrew Dowell suffers season-ending ACL injury

During yesterday’s training session of the Saints, the LB of the team Andrew Dowell broke his ACL severely injuring his knee. Later, he was seen not being able to walk properly.

Andrew Dowell

Injuries are common during practice sessions, so the team was relaxed. However, the detailed examination of the LB revealed that he tore the anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments in his knees. With a severely injured knee, the linebacker of the team can’t participate in the game. Therefore, for the sake of LB’s health, the team has placed him on the injured reserve, and he will not play this year. 

Dowell was a crucial player on the team. In the past seasons, he played for the Saints, and the LB also contributed to the special team. But this season the Saints will have to play without their key defensive and special team’s contributor.

What is Andrew Dowell contract with Saints?

The 26-year-old entered the NFL in 2019. He joined the Cowboys as an undrafted free agent. However, he couldn’t play with the team and later signed with the Saints. Since then, he has been playing with the Saints and appeared in 34 games. Despite his exceptional performance, the team hasn’t offered him a multi-year deal this offseason and he ended up signing a 1-year deal.

Andrew Dowell

Dowell has re-signed to a 1-year, $940,000 contract with the team. However, now that he has been placed on the injured reserve because of his knee injury, Dowell won’t be able to play the entire season. Now, the Saints will have to find his replacement to make sure that the LB’s absence doesn’t affect the team’s performance.

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