Jets’ WR unveils emotional Aaron Rodgers message after Zach Wilson-led triumph vs Bills

In a dramatic turn of events, Aaron Rodgers’ era with the Jets has come to an end right after it started. In the opening game of the 2023 NFL season, Rodgers suffered a devastating season-ending Achilles injury during the first quarter, casting a shadow over what was meant to be a season of hope and promise for the New York Jets.

While the whole team is disappointed at this abrupt tragedy, Garrett Wilson, the wide receiver of the Jets, got hurt the most. He recently shared an emotional message from Rodgers that broke his heart.

Rodgers’ heartfelt words to Garrett Wilson emerge after Jets’ overtime victory

Jets played their season opener against the Buffalo Bills on Monday night. However, their highly-anticipated first game with Aaron Rodgers turned out to be the worst game for the team.

After playing for a minute, Aaron Rodgers got injured and he was carted off the field. The quarterback got a season-ending Achilles injury. On Tuesday, the team announced that Rodgers will not be playing for this season. 


When the Jets signed Rodgers, they had a lot of expectations from him. They had a firm belief that the Hall of Fame quarterback would help them win a Super Bowl this time. But now, all those hopes have been shattered. The team is again at the mercy of backup quarterback Zach Wilson. 

Amid this situation, the wide receiver of the team, Garrett Wilson shared what Rodgers told him when he got injured. Aaron Rodgers and Garrett Wilson had developed a very good bond during the training camps and preseason games.

But now Wilson will have to control the offense of the team without Rodgers. Wilson shared that during the half-time he went to see Aaron Rodgers to make sure he was okay.

“At halftime I just went in to check on him in the training room, just made sure I gave him a hug, told him I love him. It really hurt my heart,” Wilson told ESPN New York radio.

Rodgers just replied with two words that broke Wilson’s heart. 

“He told me, ‘Sorry, kid.’ Just like that. ‘Sorry, kid.’”

They both were famous as the best QB-WR duo in the league. That’s why the sudden loss of the star quarterback from the team affected Wilson. But he’s more worried about Rodgers’ emotions.

“My heart hurts for Aaron. Just seeing him last night and the emotion that was going into him getting out there… it sucks, man. He was truly heartbroken.”

The quarterback had the big responsibility and expectations to help the Jets improve this season. Now that he’s unable to even work for it, he is heartbroken which is making his teammates sad as well.

Zach Wilson threw a touchdown pass in Jets‘ season-opening victory 

After Aaron Rodgers got injured, Zach Wilson stepped into the game and helped the Jets win their season opener. First, the game was tied with the Bills. But then they got the overtime and Wilson threw a touchdown pass which led the team to a 22-16 victory.


The night which began terribly for the New York Jets ended with the glorious win of the team. Seeing Rodgers heartbroken must have been hard for all the team members. The players channeled that hurt into the determination to win this game. Even though Rodgers wasn’t on the field, he still inspired his fellow mates.

Now that the quarterback is taking the time to recover from his injury, he won’t be able to play. The Jets will have to thrive in this season without Aaron Rodgers. We hope Garrett Wilson, Zach Wilson, and other players will lead the team to success that Rodgers wanted the Jets to reach.

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