Radio host boldly predicts Jets’ division-winning potential despite Aaron Rodgers’ shocking exit

The New York Jets were so eager to improve their roster and end their playoff drought that they went straight to sign Aaron Rodgers for the 2023 season. Rodgers is one of the most talented quarterbacks in the NFL who played with the Green Bay Packers throughout his career.

But for the Jets, the quarterback left his longtime team and joined them with the hope to make some change. However, after the first game he played in it was announced that the quarterback is out this season. While the whole Jets fandom is disappointed over the loss of Aaron Rodgers, there is one Jets fan who believes the team still has the potential to win.

Joe Benigno believes in Jets’ division-winning potential

Before this Monday night, everyone was confident about the Jets ‘ potential to win the Super Bowl this year. However, after Rodgers got injured and it was announced that he would not play in any game this season, all those hopes were shattered.

Fans believe now that Aaron Rodgers is not in the team, the Jets’ season is already over. Everyone has left the hope that the team will do any better this year. However, former WFAN midday host Joe Benigno still has hope for the team.


Joe appeared on a show where he predicted that the Jets would win the division. He emphasized the fact that even though Rodgers couldn’t play in the season opener, the team still won against the Buffalo Bills. 

“They’re gonna win the division. You watch. And when they do, make sure you come and talk to me about it. OK?”

He then called out the fans who were already disappointed and had lost all their hopes.

“And all these Jets fans that are freakin crying, go cry all the hell you want. This is the reality of it.”

Benigno was impressed by how well the team played in their season opener. Zach Wilson and Garrett Wilson took control of the situation and helped the team win. Considering how well all the Jets’ players performed in the first game, we can still hope to see the team winning a division this year.

Aaron Rodgers’ season is over due to Achilles injury

On Monday night, Aaron Rodgers made his debut with the New York Jets. He played for only one minute in their season opener against the Bills and hurt his leg. The quarterback got an Achilles injury because of which he will not be able to play this season.


Usually, surgery is required for this type of injury or long rest can help you recover. In Rodgers’ case, he’ll need long rest and for that, he’ll not be able to participate in any upcoming game. The coach of the team Robert Saleh announced that the quarterback is out of the season. 

There is still no confirmation about when Rodgers can continue playing. The coach shared that he hasn’t discussed this thing with the quarterback yet. 

Fans can hope to see Rodgers with the Jets in the next season, but unfortunately for this season, the team will have to thrive without him. Let’s see whether the team will fall without Rodgers or continue to secure more wins as predicted by Joe Benigno.

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