Jets QB Aaron Rodgers to earn $37,500,000 playing only one game following season-ending torn Achilles injury

Aaron Rodgers, whose addition to the Jets was a beacon of hope for the team, is already out of the 2023 season. After the terrible last season, the Jets decided to sign the Hall of Fame quarterback hoping to revolutionize the team.

The 39-year-old, who spent his entire NFL career with the Green Bay Packers, agreed to join the team with similar hopes. He was hoping to end the years of the Jets’ playoff drought but unfortunately, his dreams got shattered even before he could work on them. 

Jets QB Aaron Rodgers out for the season with complete torn Achilles

Since the day Aaron Rodgers stepped into the New York Jets, the team started getting reformed. The coach and manager of the team repeatedly shared that Rodgers is working very hard on the team and they can already see the change.

After the successful training camps and preseason games, the quarterback made his debut with the team on Monday night. But unfortunately, his debut game became the last game of this season for him. After playing for a minute, the quarterback was carted off the field as he got his left Achilles injured. 

On Tuesday, the coach of the team, Robert Saleh announced that the injury is serious, and the quarterback will not be able to play this season. 

While talking to the reporters the coach shared that he feels bad for Rodgers. He had been putting so much effort into the team that now not being able to play will be very hard for him.

“I feel more for Aaron than anyone. He’s invested so much into this organization, so much into this journey that he’s embarked on. I have a lot of emotions for him.”

Aaron Rodgers

But still, the coach is optimistic and so is the rest of the team. He shared that the team is expected to continue the path, Rodgers has built for them. When asked about Rodgers’ return in the next season, the coach shared that he has not yet discussed this thing with the quarterback. 

“As you guys could imagine, he’s down. I’ll let him answer those questions. I did not get into the future of what he’s expecting or what he’s thinking.”

After Aaron Rodgers got injured, the backup quarterback of the team, Zach Wilson stepped onto the field and led the Jets to victory. However, for now, it’s still not confirmed whether Zach will be given the position of starting quarterback or not.

How Jets QB Aaron Rodgers to earn $37,500,000 playing only one game?

Aaron Rodgers’ contract was restructured when he joined the Jets. Rodgers agreed to a two-year, $75 million deal, down from his previous $150.8 million deal with the Packers. He did that so that the team could improve their roster by signing more talented players. 

Aaron Rodgers

In his first game with the Jets on Monday, Rodgers played for just 1 minute and 34 seconds before his injury. He will be paid approximately $399,000 per second of game time, which makes it $24 million for the first minute. If time spent on the sideline is considered, it’s just under $154,000 per second. He spent 150 of those seconds on the sideline. 

Per snap, Rodgers will make $9,375,000 for four snaps, including one pass attempt, Rodgers made one pass attempt which means he earned $37.5 million for that one throw. He was also sacked for a loss of 10 yards. For every yard lost, the quarterback earned $3.75 million. 

In total, the quarterback earned $37,500,000 playing only one game with the team. Even after his season-ending injury, nothing will be changed in the contract. He’s still with the Jets till 2024. We hope Aaron Rodgers recovers fast and joins the team for the next season.

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