Aaron Rodgers gains Super Bowl expectations from Jets legend after Sauce Gardner’s “natural leader” seal

Since the day Aaron Rogers has s joined the New York Jets, the aspirations of the team to win the Super Bowl championship have soared high. The Jets haven’t made it to the postseason since 2010. But with Aaron Rodgers on the roster, a new hope has ignited.

Everyone has high expectations that the 39-year-old will help the Jets end their playoff drought. Recently, the Jets legend Sauce Gardner also shared a similar stance calling Rodgers a natural leader. 

Joe Klecko believes Rodgers will propel Jets to Super Bowl

Joe Klecko talked about Rodgers a few days back stating that he believes the quarterback will finally help the team win a Super Bowl. 

“I do think they will. Absolutely. With our four-time MVP, how could you not go to the Super Bowl?”

Aaron Rodgers

Initially, Klecko wasn’t a big fan of the quarterback. Earlier this year he said that Aaron Rodgers isn’t the right fit for the Jets. 

But now his stance on A-Rod seems to have changed. Now, he also has faith in Rodgers’ skills and talents which makes him believe that he will end the Super Bowl and playoff drought for the Jets.

Sauce Gardner labels Aaron Rodgers as a natural leader

Joe Klecko is not the only one who has high expectations from Aaron Rodgers. Recently, Sauce Gardner labeled him as a natural leader. 

Aaron Rodgers

He shared his experience with the quarterback stating that Rodgers has a strong persona. He said that he has the aura of a natural leader. 

“He just brings that swag, you know what I mean? He’s Aaron. When he walks into the room, he’s going to shake the room every time. He’s one of those guys. He’s a natural leader, a great guy to be around.”

Gardner also emphasized that the quarterback has helped improve the Jets.

“You know, so he changed the organization in a lot of ways, for sure.”

He later complimented A-Rod’s sense of humor, praising him for his good jokes.

“He’s a funny guy. I didn’t know he was going to have as many jokes as he had. He got a lot of jokes, I ain’t going to say what jokes, but he got a lot of jokes in his repertoire for sure.”

Including Gardner, everyone else in the league has high expectations from Rodgers. He left the Green Bay Packers after 18 years and right in his first year with the Jets, everyone expects him to help the team win a Super Bowl. Let’s see how Aaron Rodgers lives up to this huge responsibility and fulfill everyone’s expectations. 

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