What is Aaron Rodgers’ reason for being anti-vaxxer? Jets QB crossed out Moderna on his Novak Djokovic IG story

Celebrities are known to post outrageous, hilarious and awareness points on their Instagram Stories. Most of them serve as an awareness-attention grabbing purposes while others are for their audiences to be related with.

In some cases, Instagram stories can spread controversies like wildfire but it depends upon the user who is posting them. Such can be the case for famous Jets Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers who recently shifted to New York, adapting a lavish lifestyle. Does that also include his new Instagram post? 

What is Aaron Rodgers’ reason for being anti-vaxxer? Explained

After posting such controversial content online, one can only imagine as to why a well known Quarterback star can post something that the is considered as a worlwide sin?

Aaron Rodgers is know for being vocal about his opinions and not only that, he doesn’t seem to care if anyone gets hurt by it or not. Safe to say, his fans found him hilarious in his Instagram Story.

This indicates that it was indeed a bold move by the New York Jets Team member.

The reason behind why Aaron cut off the name of the vaccination isn’t because he’s imposing a war against a mere vaccination company rather; his own personal reason

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers at a conference via: googlepics

Rodgers is quite allergic to such vaccination and he is vocal on his anti- vaccination stance. 

A shocking news came once Rodgers was tested Positive for COVID-19 virus and instead of taking medicine, he was treated at home with homeopathic medicines. The man in his 30s would end up committing many violations such as not practicing social distances, wearing a mask, etc.  

This resulted in him being fined of $14,650 and ultimately, Green Bay Packers with $300,000!

However, as outrageous that sounds, Aaron later on walked into an interview and apologized for his actions with Joe Rogan at ‘The JoeRogan Experience’ show.

Well, there you have it, folks! Looks like New York Jets Quarterback Aaron Rodgers still suffers from his personal reason and his love for Moderna won’t come out so soon. 

Quite frankly, Rodgers haven’t commented on such news yet as it hasn’t reached news outlets. 

Aaron Rodgers crossed out Moderna on his Novak Djokovic IG story 

Vaccinations have had it’s fair share of likes and dislikes from the people; some like it and some are against it. Same can be said about Aaron Rodgers. Aaron is a smart man and a smart man never jeopardizes his career over a controversial post. 

Jets Quarterback is enjoying his stay at New York city before preparing himself for NFL upcoming season. He is seen at concerts, supporting other sports athletes. In one particular case, it happens to be Novak Djokovic’s Open US tournament that he attended, took a picture and posted it on Instagram story; crossing out Moderna advertisement.

Novak Djokovic
U.S. Open Novak Djokovic of Serbia (via Getty)

Attending Novak Djokovic‘s tennis tournament in Flushing Meadows, Aaron later on shared an Instagram story which was later tweeted by JPA Football.

Moderna is a vaccination company famous for its role in COVID-19 pandemic, providing relief to the public effected with the virus. 

We can also witness the love and support that Rodgers have for other sports athletes whether they are NFL or not. This particular action shows how much of a soft hearted person Rodgers truly is.

You can never be too bold when expressing your voice and that is a motto which Aaron abides by and perhaps, his fans too. 

As mentioned before, the Quarterback’s controversial post hasn’t made much noise yet as most audience finds it hilarious and pretty harmless. Therefore, If the problem ever does arise, New York Jets will surely step in to defend their beloved quarterback.

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