NFL fans point out one Chiefs’ player enjoyed seeing his team lose to the Lions: “he bout to get paid”

The Kansas City Chiefs couldn’t maintain their season opener winning streak as they lost their first game of this season to the Detroit Lions. The first game of this regular season was played in the Arrowhead Stadium and the Lions came out victorious. Quite a few factors culminated into the Chiefs’ defeat including the fact that their TE Travis Kelce was injured and didn’t play.

However, NFL fans have made out a new theory about the team’s one player getting happy over their loss. Fans claim that there was one player in the stadium that they noticed enjoying his own team’s loss.

NFL fans claim Chiefs DT Chris Jones enjoyed seeing his team lose to the Lions

Fans believe the player who was enjoying the loss of the Chiefs against the Lions was Chris Jones. Chris is the DT of the Chiefs but currently, he is not on good terms with the team.

The DT was asking for a salary raise but the team isn’t exactly ready to agree to his terms. Because of the ongoing friction between the two parties, Chris Jones didn’t participate in any of their preseason games and also missed the training camps. 

The coach of the team Andy Reid addressed this situation by stating that the team is working on this matter but there is no progress. He stated that they are considering giving someone else the position that Chris holds now. 

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Following this controversy, it was confirmed that Chris would not play in the season opener. But unexpectedly he came to the stadium, not to play but as a fan and watched the entire game.

After the game, fans started tweeting that Chris Jones was enjoying the Chiefs’ loss to the Lions. They concluded that he wasn’t there to support his team but rather to mock them as they have still not resolved his contract issue. They believe after this “he bout to get paid.”

Here’s a few of the fans tweets that are circulating over the internet since the game.

Chris Jones attended Chiefs NFL opener vs Lions

Till yesterday, two things were confirmed Travis Kelce and Chris Jones will not be stepping in the Arrowhead Stadium to play for the Chiefs. Kelce is injured and Chris’s situation is also clear. But unexpectedly Chris Jones decided to come during the game. 

A few days back he talked about his contract situation sharing that he wants to play. But his contract extension is also important for him. He said that he’ll only play if the Chiefs will provide him with what he wants. 

“I can’t really talk about it. Hopefully, it gets worked out. It’s always been my goal to be a Kansas City Chief for life. I’ve said that multiple times on social media platforms, from interviews, and they know where my position is at. Hopefully, we can get something worked out for the long term.”

Unexpectedly Chris Jones decided to come during the game. But he came merely as a spectator which shocked everyone. 

The DT came, enjoyed the game and left. Many fans were disappointed in him as he could’ve played with the team, rather than sitting in the stands. But it seems like his contract is more important for him than the game itself.

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