NFL community brutally roast WR Kadarius Toney for his awful performance in Chiefs loss to Lions

The NFL match between the Kansas City Chiefs and Detroit Lions has stunned the sports community lately with an upsetting loss for the Chiefs.

This NFL season opener was played between the reigning Super Bowl Champions and the Detroit Lions. The latter paved the way to victory, winning their first match against the Chiefs since 2011. NFL fans had expected the natural favorite team, Kansas City Chiefs, to win. Chiefs’ defeat to the Lions took the NFL fans by shock, and most of them have a specific player to blame.

Kadarius Toney faces brutal roasts from the NFL community over horrible performance 

The Chiefs vs. Lions match ended with a horrible defeat for the defending champions at the hand of the Lions. After their defeat, NFL fans started roasting Kansas City Chief’s Wide Receiver Kadarius Toney for his disappointing performance tonight.

It looks like the Wide Receiver is under fire by NFL fans on X, formerly Twitter, with various video references, continuously expressing their feelings on tonight’s performance. 

“Kadarius Toney heading back to the locker room,” Barstool Sports posted a hilarious shot of a person riding through the field in a trash can. 

It keeps getting worse. And hilarious. 

One of the tweets displayed the aftermath interaction between WR and Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach, Andy Reid. 

One of the tweets referenced the first drop that was committed by Kardarius Toney. 

Detroit Lions had Jeff Goffs as their Quarterback who was a standout in the game.

As for the Chief’s defeat, they performed best with the teams that they had although DT Chris Jones and Wide Reciever Travis Kelce were missing from the scene due to a contract dispute and knee injury respectively. Nevertheless, Chiefs’ QB Patrick Mahomes displayed a positive attitude during his conference. 

Patrick Mahomes said he “trusts” in Kadarius Toney after crucial mistakes in the Chiefs’ defeat 

 Kansas City Chief Quarterback Patrick Mahomes is valued, not only for his incredible performances but also, for his patience with his teammates. 

“I have trust in Kadarius Toney.  Stuff doesn’t always go your way,” Patrick Mahomes backed up his WR Kadarius Toney even after his crucial mistake in the Chiefs’ Defeat.  

Patrick Mahomes, instead of throwing his teammate under the bus, commented that he believes in the 24-year-old to rise to the occasion. 

“Yeah, I mean, I have trust in KT,” Mahomes said. “He missed a lot of training camp. He wanted to play and fought rehab hard so he could play. Stuff is not always going to go your way.”

He further commented, “Obviously, he would’ve wanted to catch a few of those in the game but I have trust that he’s going to be that guy that I go to in those crucial moments, and he’s [Kadarius Toney] going to make the catch and win us some seasons like he did last year. So we’re going to continue to work him in, get him more and more reps, and I’m sure those drops will kind of disappear.”

It’s a bit of relief to learn that Kadarius Toney has the highest drop rate (9.7%) among all wide receivers with at least 75 targets since 2021. Surely he had a bad day but after all, form is temporary – class is permanent.

What do you think of tonight’s performances between the two teams? Do you think Kadarius Toney is to blame for tonight’s defeat? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.



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