After Zion Williamson’s adult star controversy, another NBA player has found himself in similar situation

Zion Williamson made quite the headlines when the Pelicans power forward was involved in a scandal with an adult film star. This was back in June of 2023, now another fellow NBA professional has found himself in a similar situation.

Deandre Ayton, the center of the Phoenix Suns was recently spotted in adult film star Katt Leya’s Instagram stories. Fans immediately started comparing Ayton’s situation to Zion Williamson and their reactions were hilarious. The situation for the Sun’s big man is not as problematic as it was for Williamson but it’s not better either.

Suns’ C Deandre Ayton allegedly upset over adult star pregnancy

The adult film star’s story made quite the buzz and Leya responded to it with a message on an Instagram story. It read, “Wow now my man can’t brush my hair!”, she also wrote, “You guys are stressed out, let me live.”

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The video got viral really quick, and Ayton started receiving heat from almost all social media platforms for settling with an adult film star. Now a report suggests that the relationship between Ayton and Leya has reached the next level as the adult star is pregnant. Ayton is upset over this report and is even denying being the father of the child.

Zion Williamson on the other hand had it rough in his case. The power forward was accused of having an intimate relationship with adult film star Moriah Mills and then trying to silence her by sending people to threaten her. This destroyed Zion Williamson’s reputation and although no charges have been filed, his image took the biggest hit.

NBA Community reacts to Kett Leya’s Zion Williamson name Drop

After witnessing Ayton’s situation, the fans were quick to start comparisons between him and the Pelicans Zanos (Zion Williamson). Katt Leya surprisingly shut down these comparisons supporting Ayton. To tackle the comparisons, she shared a photo with Ayton at a dinner table in Portland, dated 29 December 2019. Along with the photo she wrote, “2019… So stop the Zion comparisons.”

Leya’s attempt to stop the fire fueled it instead, with fans going crazy with their hilarious comments. A fan tweeted out, “Someone said Pelicans vs Suns will be streamed in p*rnhub.” taking a jab at both the stars at the same time.

The Sun’s center has a two-year-old son named Deandre Ayton Jr. from a previous relationship. Ayton has remained silent on this whole matter. He has not confirmed a romance with Leya and, likely, he never will. However, if he happens to be the father of Leya’s child he sure would have to take responsibility for it.

Whereas Zion Williamson has also not addressed his situation with Mills. He went through a very tough time when Mills threatened to release their intimate footages and also shared some screenshots of Snapchat messages which she claimed to be with Williamson.

What do you think of this whole situation surrounding Deandre Ayton? Do you think NBA stars should take more caution regarding whom they see? We are eager to know your opinion, so drop it down in the comments and share your take.

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