Skip Bayless brutally blasts “Michael Jordan Mahomes” after Cheifs NFL week 1 defeat to Lions

Detroit Lions shocked the Super Bowl Champions Kansas City Chiefs, defeating them by 21-20 score in the 2023-2024 NFL season opener. 

The matchup marked the Lions victorious where David Montgomery was a standout and Riley Patterson’s extra point edged them ahead with seven minutes remaining on the clock. The Detroit Lion’s victory is making headlines in the sports world and one anchorperson is not satisfied with the Chief’s defeat. 

What did Skip Bayless say about Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs’ defeat? 

Skip Bayless, analyst and TV commentator, was not happy with the Kansas City Chiefs’ shocking defeat to the Lions. 

“Wait, Michael Jordan Mahomes lost his home opener to… The Lions?”, Skip Bayless took to X this morning, harshly criticizing Patrick Mahomes’s earlier performance in Chiefs vs. Lions. 

The co-host of “Undisputed” was the first to point out how bad of a banner night it was for the NFL champions. 

“Did he ever throw a bunch of wild off-target passes as the game wore on and he got more and more frustrated?”, Bayless wrote.

Skip Bayless didn’t stop there and added Kadarius Toney’s performance as well – expressing disappointment.  “Even the last Toney drop was behind him.”, he commented. 

This is the Lion’s first win against the Chiefs since 2011. 

NFL fans back Patrick Mahomes after Chiefs defeat to the Lions 

It was a tough match between the Kansas City Chiefs and Detroit Lions that ultimately made the latter victorious. 

The first touchdown belonged to Goff and The Chiefs were leading 14-7 at halftime. 

On the other hand, the Lions had Jeff Goff and Jahmyr Gibbs who led their team to victory.  Later on, the Chiefs attempted a deep pass that fell incomplete, entitling the Lions to put the nail in the coffin and open their season with a victory.

Patrick Mahomes and Co were performing without their Tight End Travis Kelce due to his hyperextended knee injury and Defensive Tackle Chris Jones because of his contract dispute. 

Chief’s defeat to Lions didn’t sit well with Bayless, who blamed the Quarterback for the Chiefs’ defeat until NFL fans backed Mahomes up. 

“Toney blew the game for them,” one user wrote.

Some fans didn’t stop calling out Skip in their way. 

The NFL fans know for a fact that it wasn’t Patrick Mahomes who led his team to defeat, and many opposed Skip Bayless on his opinion through social media. 

What do you think? Was it Patrick Mahomes’ fault or was Bayless’s tweet unjust? Let us know in the comment section below. 



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