“You haven’t seen the real Mick”: Mick Schumacher hints possible return to F1 grid but burnt bridges restrict his choices

Mick Schumacher exited Haas following a dramatic end to his Formula 1 2022 season. The super rookie of Ferrari Driver Academy, who was supposed to walk in the steps of his dad was now being belittled as reserve driver with no hope for future seasons. However, as a true pupil of Sebastian Vettel himself he still has not given up.

The first half of his 2022 season was a mayhem of crashes inviting a strict warning from Haas principal Guenther Steiner. This led to a very good second half following the summer break and we found “baby Schumi” going toe to toe with Kevin Magnussen and even “Super Max”. It seems like the young German has quite a lot left in his talent bag to show us.

Mick Schumacher hints possible return to F1 grid in the near future

Mick Schumacher was opted out of the 2023 season, in favor of experienced, Nico Hulkenburg and Kevin Magnussen. He also, left the Ferrari Driver Academy and became a reserve driver for Petronas Mercedes AMG F1 Racing. Mick had a eventful but mostly disappointing time with Haas and his errors were scrutinized quite harshly by the Haas team principal. 

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However, Mick has not given up any hope on possible return to Formula 1 according to Racingnews365, “I am a driver and all I want is to win, but I also have to be realistic and keep going,” Mick said while addressing Sky Sports Germany. He further showed his determination, “You haven’t seen the real Mick yet.”

Mick was applauded by Mercedes’ Toto Wolff about his talent and he was willing to take the young Schumacher under his wing to teach him and provide him experience on the simulator. Mick Schumacher recently completed a show run in Goodwood Speed Festival while driving his dad’s Mercedes W-07. He is testing and working on the Mercedes simulators regularly trying to help with the development of a struggling Mercedes W-15.

Mick Schumacher burned bridges limiting his return options

Mick Schumacher is a well known in the sport now and that seems to somehow work in favor according to many experts. Although, many teams have been reluctant to take in Mick as their driver.

One of the first to do that will be Haas, who were dejected and fed up of Mick’s mistakes. Steiner decided to replace him because of the damage cost to the team while he apparently didn’t produce acceptable results for the team. Except that, the top teams will be hesitant to take a newbie driver with no proper record of excellence as he would run a risk of not being able to provide what a championship winning driver can.

Helmut Marko recently spoke in a interview about comments regarding addition of Mick in Alpha Tauri, “Our program is based on performance, not on marketing.”

The conditions look dire for young Mick Schumacher even with mentorship of Sebastian Vettel. What do you think about Mick? Will we ever see him in Formula 1 again or is he a lost cause?


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