Oliver Bearman’s heartfelt response to Sebastian Vettel’s message brings tears to F1 fans: “He is gonna be the star”

Following a spectacular debut at the 2024 Saudi Arabian FP, Scuderia Ferrari’s newest sensation Oliver Bearman became the ‘wishing well’ of everyone’s praise and applause in the F1 world. He earned further praise for his recent lap-logging with the Ferrari F1-75 at the Fiorano testing grounds.

However, Oliver Bearman has now revealed the name of a ‘legendary’ F1 racer who messaged him right before his Grand Prix debut in Saudi Arabia.

Oliver Bearman’s sincere reaction to Sebastian Vettel’s statement

In a recent interview, Oliver Bearman, who finished P7 on his impressive Formula 1 debut, revealed that the ex-Ferrari man Sebastian Vettel, a four-time F1 World Champion, sent him a ‘good luck’ message, right before his first match at the 2024 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Speaking to the media, he admitted to receiving countless supportive messages after getting called up by Scuderia Ferrari: “I did get a lot of congratulations and also good luck messages before the race.”

“My favorite one was from Sebastian Vettel,” he said, revealing Vettel’s message to him.

“I’m a huge fan of his since the early days. I was, up until he retired, always rooting for Seb”, he told.

Expressing his heartfelt appreciation for Vettel’s message, he added, by saying, “[So] To get a message from him was really special.”

“To know that he was kind of watching put a bit of pressure on, but it was a nice pressure,” he concluded by expressing this one-liner.

After hearing Bearman’s heartwarming response to Vettel’s ‘good luck’ text, F1 fans took off in a surge of appreciation for the Briton, and soon flocked to the comments section to express their emotions about him:

Amidst this ‘Sebastian Vettel appreciating’ interview, the 18-year-old also opened up on his thoughts about Lewis Hamilton joining him at Ferrari in 2025.

Oliver Bearman awaits Lewis Hamilton Ferrari transfer

In another interview with BBC Sport, Oliver Bearman, who is also known as Ollie, also expressed his thoughts on Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time F1 World Champion, making the ‘dream switch’ to Scuderia Ferrari, and becoming his teammate at the Italian Outfit from 2025 onwards.

When asked on his opinion about working with Hamilton, he replied, “I’m sure his knowledge and experience will rub off in all departments, although I won’t be working directly with him.”

Expecting to learn from the well-experienced Formula 1 legend, he added, “I’m doing a lot of [simulator] work with [Ferrari] so hopefully I can learn a thing or two from him and his wealth of experience.”

“It’s a real honor to even be associated with him in the same team and hopefully he can push everyone forward and bring great success,” he concluded, expressing his respect for Hamilton.

Ferrari will now take on the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit on 24th March at the Australian GP, where Oliver Bearman is highly likely to take the #2 driving spot again.

Can Bearman be as good as Vettel in the future as the fans’ comments says? Can he even break through the star-studded lineup when Hamilton arrives at Ferrari? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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