Despite previously labeling WWE as “Fake Sh*t”, UFC President Dana White celebrates $21 billion merger

Dana White is a name synonymous with the UFC. He has been at the helm of the promotion even when it was deemed human cockfighting and was not sanctioned either. The Tagline for the UFC is “as real as it gets”. This would automatically clash with WWE which is scripted.

Despite leading two completely opposing ideologies in the world of combat sports, Vince McMahon and Dana White foster a cordial relationship. UFC was the first sports promotion to be up and running during the pandemic, and WWE soon followed suit. Now as the grand merger has taken place, it has only come to make their friendship stronger.

Dana White celebrates merger with WWE

Dana White recently posted a video on X (formerly Twitter) celebrating the merger of WWE and UFC under TKO Group Holdings. TKO is now the premium sports and entertainment company that comprises UFC and WWE. The CEO of TKO is none other than Ari Immanuel. 

As the big names in the world of combat sports came together to begin the grand collaboration, fans were looking for some big crossovers. The Merger could have potential crossovers but White has been adamant in shutting down those claims.


White has come forth and said that the merger makes both organizations stronger than before. McMahon and White are the only heads of sports promotions that have a history of standing up against woke media and political correctness.

Vince McMahon is the chairman of TKO Group Holdings while Dana White holds his position as the president of the UFC. Nick Khan, meanwhile, will continue as the President of WWE. 

In addition to UFC, Dana White will continue to be the owner of Power Slap, a slap-fighting promotion company. The promotion has earned controversy even from the combat sports community for its presumed health issues on the head. Nevertheless, White is adamant about pushing it and considers it to be a massive success.

Dana White claims WWE is fake

In lieu of Dana White posting a video of the successful merger of WWE and UFC, a 2015 tweet of Dana White has resurfaced. Back in 2015, White bashed the WWE for being fake and even belittled the professional wrestling entity by saying that a fake *expletive” should be less than $10. 


Even though Dana White has reservations about professional wrestling, there has been a successful crossover between athletes. Brock Lesnar, Ronda Rousey, and CM Punk have appeared in both promotions. Excluding CM Punk, the other two have enjoyed a successful career in both promotions.


Dana White is currently in the midst of the Contender Series work. White is a big fan of the show and has alluded that the show is where future champions are made. Sean O’Malley and Jamahal Hill came into the UFC from the Contender Series.

What do you think of the merger? Do you think there will be a crossover soon? Comment below!


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