Schumacher steps into his father’s 12-year-old car Mercedes Formula 1 car for historic drive at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2023

The Schumacher name is one of the most recognisable and legendary in Formula 1. The amount of prestige and weight it carries is uncanny, all due to this one man named Michael Schumacher, who is undisputedly one the most recognisable personalities, even outside Formula 1, because of his sheer dominance in the sport since he stepped foot in that Benetton in his debut season.

His son Mick experienced and drove his father’s F1 car, the Mercedes W02 which Michael drove in his second year with Mercedes in 2011, in the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2023, making it a very significant day in the history of the sport and an emotional day for Mick and all the Schumacher fans.

Schumacher drives his famous father’s Mercedes Formula 1 vehicle

Michael Schumacher joined Mercedes after his brief retirement as a comeback move back in 2010 alongside Nico Rosberg, concluding his f1 career in 2012. Schumacher sadly was severely injured due to a horrifying skiing accident in 2013 and was put in a medically induced coma till 2014. Since then he has been in a vegetative state.

Mick was just 14 when it happened since then he has gone on to race in Formula 1 and now is a reserve driver for Mercedes. Mercedes had given him the opportunity to drive his dad’s 12-year-old car on Sunday (16th July). Not just that, he also was given the period correct helmet and racing overalls that belonged to his dad.

Before the event, Mick said: “It’s going to be spectacular to run in my dad’s 2011 car, the W02, even if it is only a short run. Just experiencing this generation of cars will be mega. Knowing that he raced this car makes it extra special, and there will be many emotions coming with it.”

He added: “I have been lucky enough to drive one of his Benetton cars and some of the Ferraris he raced. But this will be the first time behind the wheel of a Mercedes he drove. I am sure I will get out of it with a big smile on my face.”


Spectators loved Mick Schumacher’s Doughnuts and digs

Seeing Michael’s car back on the track made the fans very emotional and sent a wave of nostalgia through the spectators and the Formula 1 community online. No matter who you supported now or back then, one will always be a Schumacher fan if they experienced watching him race. As a Schumacher fan, this tribute was one of the most spine-chilling yet spectacular sights to behold. 

When Mick was a driver for Haas last year, he wished to do doughnuts on the Abu Dhabi track after the race as a proper send-off from the team. Unfortunately, the team asked him not to.

Mercedes admin took a dig at Haas for this incident and mocked them by posting this on the team handle with a picture of Mick doing doughnuts. 

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