With heated feud with The Rock, WWE star Grayson Waller takes cheeky jibe at another HOFer amid speculated return at SummerSlam

As the excitement builds around WWE’s SummerSlam event, rising star Grayson Waller has been making headlines with his heated feud against The Rock. Amidst the speculation surrounding The Rock’s potential return, Waller has taken a cheeky jibe at another Hall of Famer.

The WWE star’s bold remarks have sparked curiosity among fans, who are eager to see how this rivalry unfolds in the ring. As the countdown to SummerSlam continues, all eyes are on Grayson Waller and his intriguing antics.

Grayson Waller’s online feud with The Rock

Last week, WWE’s rising star Grayson Waller made his highly anticipated in-ring debut on the main roster at the iconic Madison Square Garden, the very venue where The Rock made his debut at Survivor Series in 1996. Taking a cheeky jab at the Brahma Bull, Waller boldly claimed that his own debut was the greatest of all time, playfully mocking The Rock’s Rocky Maivia outfit from his debut years.

This witty remark prompted a fiery response from the People’s Champion, who didn’t hold back in his comeback. The Rock referred to Waller as an “outback jack-off” and revealed an interesting tidbit about a young Triple H being an inspiration for the Rocky Maivia persona.

The feud between Grayson Waller and The Rock had initially played out exclusively online but took a new turn during a backstage segment on SmackDown with Cathy Kelley. During the segment, the Australian Superstar continued to reference their online exchanges, highlighting The Rock’s apparent preoccupation with him despite the ongoing drama in his own family on SmackDown.

WWE’s willingness to allow Waller to mention The Rock in such a prominent way has fueled speculation about the possibility of The Rock’s return. Waller’s persistent references and even inviting The Rock as a guest on his talk show, The Grayson Waller Effect, have added to the intrigue surrounding a potential return of the Brahma Bull at SummerSlam.

Grayson Waller takes a sly dig at Stone Cold Steve Austin

Grayson Waller’s boldness knows no bounds, and now he’s taking aim at another WWE legend: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Following a Twitter exchange with The Rock, Waller extended an invitation for The Great One to appear on SmackDown, further fueling the attention surrounding their feud.

Despite the speculation, Ringside News reports that there is currently no concrete plan for Waller and The Rock to cross paths in WWE. However, Waller’s antics continue as he recently tweeted a clear jab at Steve Austin, the Texas Rattlesnake.

While The Rock’s WWE return might require significant coordination due to his busy schedule, the chances of Steve Austin making a comeback to the ring seem more likely. The WWE Hall of Famer has been involved in recent wrestling events, including a match against Kevin Owens at WrestleMania.

As Grayson Waller gains momentum on the WWE main roster, fans eagerly await his next move. The potential of facing off against iconic WWE legends like The Rock and Steve Austin only adds to the anticipation surrounding Waller’s future in the company.

As for Steve Austin, his WWE future remains uncertain, and WWE Creative continuously discusses potential opportunities, given that his show is a WWE project. The presence of the legendary wrestler is bound to draw significant numbers, and fans can never rule out the possibility of another memorable match from “Stone Cold.”


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