WATCH: Max Verstappen reveals new helmet for Japanese GP

Max Verstappen was always known to bend the rules of Red Bull for himself, as he is the only player known to personally design his helmet. For him, his personal helmet designs have always been very important, from his first steps in karting to the present day.

Following his tradition, Max has personally designed his own helmet for the upcoming Japanese Grand Prix too. After his 10-race winning streak came to an end in Singapore, Max is now determined to prove himself worthy of the title “two-time Champion” once again in Japan.

Max Verstappen’s new helmet revealed

As mentioned earlier, Max revealed the helmet he will be wearing in Japan a while ago, introducing the new logo on it too.

On his new X post promoting his new helmet, “Mad Max” said, “Another special helmet reveal so let’s get to it.”

“Japan- for me of course very special memories you know, having my first F1 session there back in the day is quite challenging and ever since then I always had a special relationship with the country of course.”

“Ofcourse winning my second championship there just brings back a lot of yk very special memories for me and that’s why I thought uh for me it could have a special helmet as you can see.”

“Of Course a lot of white with the red dots, basically trying to represent the Championship flag.”

“And another very interesting fact is- different logo which is EaSports FC because they are launching a new game available to play very soon, and of course, the mini helmets will be available at”

Verstappen’s first podium miss of the


Max Verstappen was absolutely crushed after Sunday’s race in the Singapore GP. “I knew it would always be tough to put it on a pole. But this I didn’t expect,” said the reigning World Champion.

Verstappen and team-mate Sergio Perez struggled with their RB19s, and were both knocked out in Q2.

Although, despite missing the first podium of this season, Verstappen was settled at the fifth position which is comparatively better than his “disappointing” performance at the qualifying due to the RB19’s unsettling condition on the track. However, Max is fuelled up to gain his lost dignity and comeback with a much stronger form in The Japanese Grand Prix.

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