“Faux lips. Too obv” Patric Mohomes’ wife Brittany’s latest Instagram post gets fans bashing over possible cosmetic surgery

Brittany Mahomes, the wife of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, has received a lot of backlashes online lately. Even though her husband is one of the most beloved players in the NFL, Brittany seems to be receiving criticism for almost everything she does.

Recently, she shared some photos on her Instagram account, which showed her, her husband, and their daughter attending a tennis match. However, the post did not go over well with some fans.

What were Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany wearing in the photo?

In the photos, Brittany can be seen wearing a red hat while Patrick sports a white t-shirt and blue shorts. The family looks adorable together, but fans still found a reason to criticize Brittany. Many of them suggested that she might have had work done on her lips.

Patrick Mahomes
Photo from Brittany Mahomes’ Instagram.

Some fans commented on her post, saying that her lips looked too obvious, fake, and painful. However, there were also fans who expressed their admiration for the lovely family photo.

Brittany has been continuously targeted by fans and other personalities in the recent NFL season. From celebrating her husband’s wins to showcasing her quirky personality, she has been under constant scrutiny. Although the family does not seem too concerned with what fans have to say, the criticism could have an effect on Brittany.

Constant criticism can undoubtedly take a toll on one’s mental health, no matter how successful they are. Despite being a lively character in the Mahomes family, it will be interesting to see if the criticisms ever end for her. Patrick Mahomes is calm and collected, while Brittany is more energetic and outgoing. It remains to be seen if fans can ever appreciate Brittany’s personality as they do Patrick’s.

The couple has been dating since high school, and they have been married since 2020. They have a daughter together and are one of the most popular NFL couples. Patrick is one of the highest-paid players in the league, and he has led the Kansas City Chiefs to the Super Bowl twice in his first three seasons as a starting quarterback.

Brittany Mahomes has been under a lot of criticism lately, and fans have not held back on their negative comments. Despite her husband’s success on the football field, she continues to face backlash for almost everything she does. Whether the criticism will ever end for her remains to be seen. The couple is undoubtedly one of the most successful NFL families, and fans will always have something to say about their every move.

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