“I’m the one cancer in the Locker room”: Mavs’ Kyrie Irving lashes out at fans in fiery rant following anti-vaxxer accusations

The Dallas Mavericks’ Kyrie Irving has never been one to shy away from controversy. In his latest outburst, he lashes out at fans accusing him of being an anti-vaxxer. The basketball star, who has been vocal about his decision to remain unvaccinated, has now been branded as the “cancer” in the locker room. 

He has had a turbulent 17 months. Despite facing backlash from fans for his decision to remain unvaccinated for COVID-19, his support for a film that expressed anti-Semitic views has also created controversy. Due to his unpredictable behavior, he is seen as a difficult player to deal with by many NBA followers. 

Additionally, his eccentricities, such as burning sage and believing the Earth is flat, have not been well received by fans. However, Irving has now responded to the criticisms he has received on his Twitch stream. He delivered a fiery yet entertaining rant. It appears that Irving has grown tired of the comments he has been hearing about himself. He lashed out at fans saying, 

“[You’ve seen me] for three hours and you think you know who I am. You see a few posts, ‘Oh Kai is woke. Kai got it. Oh Kai is, oh my goodness, he just doesn’t fit into the mold of all other people. And man, he’s different, he’s crazy, he’s arrogant, he’s this, he’s that.’ All from seeing me for three hours.” 

He said this with a sardonic laugh and gestured his arms in circular motions.

 What did Kyrie Irving say about his stay with the Mavs?

Kyrie Irving wasn’t done with his explosive rant just yet. He expressed his weariness over the endless speculation surrounding his departure from the Brooklyn Nets and his current stance on staying with the Dallas Mavericks. 

Kyrie Irving

In a sarcastic tone, Irving imitated those who constantly ask him questions about his decisions, from his time in Brooklyn to his previous teams in Cleveland and Boston. “Why did you leave LeBron? Why did you leave Jayson?” he exclaimed, mimicking the persistent questioning he endures.

As he continued his tirade, Irving shared his frustration over constantly being blamed and scapegoated, especially in light of the Nets’ recent troubles. It seems that the Mavs guard has had enough of the endless scrutiny and is determined to speak his mind on the matter.

Some may view his outspokenness as refreshing and authentic. Others criticize his lack of accountability and potential impact on team dynamics. Despite the criticism, Irving remains unapologetic in his beliefs and determined to speak his mind. It is clear that his presence on and off the court continues to captivate and divide fans and followers alike.

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