UFC fighter Sean O’Malley claims he can beat Ryan Garcia or Gervonta Davis at boxing: “I could beat one of these guys”

UFC fighter Sean O’Malley has put the boxing world on notice as he boldly claimed he could take down Ryan Garcia or Gervonta Davis in a potential boxing match. O’Malley is one of the most identifiable and captivating athletes in the UFC thanks to his distinctive sense of style and rainbow hair.

After securing a controversial decision win over Petr Yan, O’Malley cemented his status as a top-ranked contender in the division. The Montana native has consecutively won four fights after his loss to Chito Vera and is eyeing a possible boxing matchup with two of the top contenders in the lower weight classes of different boxing promotions, Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia.

Sean O'Malley

Sean O’Malley: UFC Star Eyes Boxing Future Against Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis, But Aljamain Sterling Comes First

O’Malley asserted in a recent interview with GQ Sports with confidence, “Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis, those are two guys I could see myself potentially boxing in 5-6 years. I truly believe I could beat one of those guys.”

Both Garcia and Davis are established boxers with impressive records. In addition to being a three-time world champion, Davis is one of the sport’s most lethal knockout artists. Garcia, on the other hand, is a rising star and a former WBC interim lightweight champion. O’Malley, though, is not one to back down from a challenge, and his assurance is contagious.

Although O’Malley is currently concentrating on his UFC career and has a championship fight against Aljamain Sterling coming up, the idea of him fighting Garcia or Davis in a boxing match is intriguing. O’Malley’s unorthodox fighting style, flashy footwork, and pinpoint striking could make for an intriguing matchup against either boxer.

The Swag, The Snipe, and The Fighter to Watch: O’Malley’s Rise to the Top of UFC and Boxing

But it’s not just his boxing aspirations that have fans excited. O’Malley’s upcoming fight against Sterling is highly anticipated, with the two engaging in a heated faceoff after Sterling’s win over Henry Cejudo. O’Malley is confident he can handle Sterling’s “weird techniques” and come out on top. “I believe I have the skill to get the job done. As far as a prediction… I’m gonna snipe this dude [Aljamain Sterling]…

“He’s very funky, he walks forward and throws some, you know, some weird sh*t, off-balance sh*t. And you know, I’m gonna be ready for that, and that’s where I’m gonna snipe him. I believe I have the tools to snipe him,” he added.

O’Malley’s cockiness and swagger have made him a fan favorite in the UFC, and the idea of him competing against Garcia and Davis in the boxing ring just heightens his allure. Suga Sean O’Malley indeed is a fighter to watch out for both in the UFC and the boxing world, regardless of whether he can back up these claims or not.

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