Gervonta Davis rejects Oscar De La Hoya’s claims that Ryan Garcia “is the new face of PPV”

Gervonta Davis is not one to take a slight lying down, especially when it comes from his opponent’s promoter, Oscar De La Hoya. After Ryan Garcia lost to Davis in a highly anticipated fight, De La Hoya took to Twitter to proclaim that Garcia was “the new face of PPV,” citing the event’s reported 1.2 million buys.

But Davis wasn’t having it. In retaliation, Davis posted a photo of himself defeating Garcia, making it abundantly clear that he was to be blamed for the fight’s success. And he’s not wrong. While Garcia certainly brought a large fan base to the table, it was the match-up between two undefeated fighters that probably drove the pay-per-view buys.

Gervonta Davis

The Battle of the Rising Stars: How Gervonta Davis v/s Ryan Garcia Generated $22M and Changed the Boxing Landscape

De La Hoya’s claim that Garcia would have been anywhere near as successful without Davis is likely misguided. The likely scenario is that the prospect of a prime-versus-prime battle between two rising stars drew in fans and generated over $22 million in gate revenue.

And while it’s impossible to say for certain who the bigger star is, Gervonta “Tank” Davis undoubtedly gained a significant boost to his profile with his dominant win over Garcia. As for Garcia, his stock may have fallen with the loss, but his willingness to step up and make the fight as the B-side has earned him new fans and respect within the boxing community.

Gervonta Davis proved with his dominant win over Ryan Garcia that he is a force to be reckoned with in the sport of boxing.

Beyond the PPV Numbers: Celebrating the Passion and Dedication of Combat Sports Fighters

Although Oscar De La Hoya may have tried to make Garcia the new face of PPV, the truth is that the success of the event was largely due to the contest between two unbeaten fighters.

The future of the sport also appears promising with competitors like Tank and Garcia who are both skilled and charismatic in the ring. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the fights and the boxers are really what keeps boxing fascinating as it develops.

Fans continue to watch fights whether it’s a prime-versus-prime match-up between two up-and-coming stars or a match-up between defending champions because of the combatants’ fervor and commitment.

So let’s rejoice over Davis vs. Garcia’s triumph while also keeping in mind that there will hopefully be plenty more thrilling contests in the future.

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