Ryan Garcia and his ringside conversation with his trainer reveals the real reason for KO loss vs Gervonta Davis: “I didn’t wanna continue because of my rib”

Ryan Garcia recently revealed the reason behind his knockout loss to Gervonta Davis during a ringside conversation with his trainer Joe Goossen. According to Garcia, he didn’t want to continue the fight because of an injured rib, which he sustained after taking a thunderous body shot from Davis. The fight between the two young American lightweight stars started off tentatively, but the action picked up in the second round.

Davis was hit by Garcia’s quick combinations, but Davis lost control and was taken down by Tank’s counter left after missing a left hook. Garcia survived the knockdown but was cautious and let Davis grab the lead. The Flash KingRy, on the other hand, was able to knock Tank with a few powerful rights before losing the fight in the eighth round to a body shot. He bowed his head and sat out the official’s count.

Ryan Garcia

The Rise of Ryan Garcia: Inside the All-Access Epilogue and His Record-Breaking PPV Impact

What was stated in the ring following the bout was captured in the All Access Epilogue documentary. Garcia’s trainer Goossen asked him about the body shot, and Garcia confirmed that it hit his injured rib. Despite the dismal outcome, the bout garnered 1.2 million pay-per-view purchases in the US alone, with Oscar De La Hoya attributing the high number to Garcia.

De La Hoya tweeted, “Garcia is the new face of PPV, like it or not. Davis only did 200k PPV a few times without Ryan. With Ryan, one fight generates over one million PPV buys.” Garcia may have lost, but he is a huge name in the sport and will undoubtedly be back once his rib is healed.

It comes as no surprise that Garcia is a rising star in the sport of boxing, and his courage and tenacity in facing Davis and other formidable opponents speak volumes about him. Despite the setback, Garcia remains optimistic and determined to come back stronger.

The Painful Reality of Rib Injuries in Boxing: How KingRy’s Tough Decision Could Save His Career

Rib injuries can be incredibly painful and affect a fighter’s ability to perform at their best. Garcia was obviously in a lot of agony after getting hit in the body by Davis, and stopping was probably the best thing for his health and well-being. Davis continues to show why he is one of the greatest fighters in the lightweight category. Overall, the fight between Garcia and Davis was an exciting and memorable event for boxing fans.

Garcia may have lost this round, but he has more than the capacity to recover and succeed even more in the future. We look forward to seeing what KingRy does next and wish him a super quick recovery from his injury.

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