“His teeth definitely got messed up pretty good”: BKFC president reveals Mike Perry cracked Luke Rockhold’s teeth at main event

Last night’s Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship featured a highly anticipated battle between Mike Perry and Luke Rockhold, which resulted in a tooth damage for Luke Rockhold. David Feldman, the head of the BKFC, revealed details of Luke’s deadly injury during the battle.

What did BKFC President David Feldman have to say regarding Luke Rockhold’s teeth injury?

Former UFC fighters Perry and Luke squared up in the ring in the much-anticipated BKFC 41. The two American MMA fighters fought in the event’s main bout at the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, Colorado. However, the former UFC champion had to abandon the fight due to broken teeth.

In the press conference following the fight, BKFC President David Feldman addressed the Luke Rockhold situation. David showed admiration for the 38-year-old fighter’s tenacity while also being saddened by what the Californian had to go through. 

“Luke Rockhold got- some of his teeth got cracked. So that’s why he wasn’t able to continue in case a lot of people were worried. His teeth got messed up pretty good. And what a great start to that fight, right?”” said David.

After suffering his third consecutive defeat, Rockhold (MMA: 16-6)announced his retirement from mixed martial arts last year. As Perry completely dominated him throughout the fight, the 38-year-old fighter’s debut bare-knuckle fight didn’t quite go as he had hoped when he entered the ring.

Rockhold returned to the octagon at UFC 278 to take on Paulo Costa, but after suffering a defeat, the veteran MMA fighter announced his retirement, declaring that he was now a free agent and ready to try something new, which led Rockhold to join the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. 

Rockhold probably won’t need much time to come back in fighting condition and resume his career. But whether the former champ still holds the ability to compete properly, remains to be seen.

Who should Luke Rockhold face next, in your opinion? Post your ideas and forecasts in the comments area. 

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