Aaron Rodgers “looks shocked” at the Tony Awards 2023 with Jets star’s hilarious face expression goes viral

The New York Jets quarterback, CJ Uzomah usually manages to keep his foot on the headlines for one reason or another. Lately, he was seen attending the Tony Awards, and some of his expressions during the show went viral after getting captured on camera.

His teammate Aaron Rodgers was also present at the show and had some interesting reactions to CJ’s antics. Let’s find out more about the story exploring what really happened with the footballers during the event.

Aaron Rodgers and Jets teammate CJ Uzomah attend Tony Awards 2023

Aaron Rodgers is a former Green Bay Packers who played for the team from 2005 to 2022. This year, he joined the New York Jets and is probably looking forward to doing the same wonders that he showed during his tenure with his former team.

Recently, the four-time MVP was spotted flaunting his suit on the red carpet of the Tony Awards along with his teammate CJ Uzomah. The NFL star wore a metallic brown suit.

Watching him on the show, many of the NFL fans were left wondering what the footballer is doing there leaving the grounds as it isn’t really his genre. Tony Awards is a special kind of accolade ceremony where actors in Broadway theatre get their honors because of their excellence in that field.

So, even from the farthest point of view, Roders is supposed to have no solid connection with the ceremony. However, as he is a superstar athlete, he perhaps got an invitation to add more shine to the ceremony with his presence.

Aaron Rodgers’ funny look at Tony Awards went viral

During the entire event, the Jets QB was seen making various facial expressions that didn’t take long to go viral. He seemed very confused sitting among the audience while the show was going in full swing.

His expressions were captured by the camera and many took screenshots of those moments and shared them on social media making it a viral issue.

One of Roger’s fans wrote on Twitter, “Aaron Rodgers looks like he just spotted a member of his family at the Tonys” while another one wrote, “ Aaron Rodgers jump scare at the Tonys was absolutely not necessary”.

Well, people’s speculations will hardly stop over his reactions. But why the NFL star looked so shocked and surprised during the event may never be found out if Aaron himself doesn’t speak up over the issue.

Will Aaron Rodgers be a profitable bargain for the Jets as he was for the Packers? Share your opinion in the comment section below.

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