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“Barkley’s going to hell” Shaquille O’Neal once made a lighthearted joke concerning his and Charles Barkley’s afterlife

Shaquille O'Neal

Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley both shares the same floor of TNT’s Inside the NBA show as analyst, but Shaq and Chuck are more of friends than co-worker.

Barkley’s comments always draws the eye’s of the journalist making headlines, this time hilariously he was put into an headline that too by Shaquille O’Neal, his friend cum colleague. Shaq was on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, promoting his new book titled “Shaq’s Family Style” when he joked that his friend Charles Buckley is going to hell after he dies.

Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal are close friends, someone will hardly believe that if he doesn’t know about these two. These two aren’t willing to miss even a single chance to take on each other.

This time Shaq took over the “Late Show with Stephen Colbert”, Shaquille O’Neal makes the hilarious joke about the fate of his friend Barkley that he is going to hell after life upon asking of the question, “what happens after someone dies”

“Nobody knows. Heaven? Barkley is going to hell. Heaven- yeah I’m going to heaven.”

Shaq the Big Diesel participated in a segment of the show called “The Colbert Questionert” wherein the host Stephen Colbert asks the guest a bunch of rapid-fire-type questions. The former NBA superstar seemed to have fun joining the show as he was hilariously replying every questions asked.

It’s enough for someone to be mad hearing the replies, you may not believe the statement? Let’s give you an instance what he said,

O’Neal was asked by Colbert  what his favorite smell is, and read what he replied:

“Farts…Like when Barkley farts, I’ll be like ‘Oh, you had the Waffle House this morning, huh?”

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