Bengals’ Orlando Brown Jr once infuriated Chiefs fans comparing Joe Burrow with Patrick Mahomes

The Cincinnati Bengals left tackle Orlando Brown Jr had a two-season stint with the Kansas City Chiefs when he assisted quarterback Patrick Mahomes in winning the team’s second trophy within four years. 

As in the free agency period, he joined the Bengals roster, now the left tackle is a Joe Burrow supporter in full swing rather than justify a single word for Mahomes. Just within a few months of his contract, he engaged in Burrow- Patrick war comparing their blocking.

What Orlando Brown Jr commented on Joe Burrow?

The battle between the Chiefs and the Bengals players and fans for their quarterback Burrow and Mahomes has already caused a war of words to erupt. The final spark in the battle is lit by the Bengals’ new left tackle.

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The 27-year-old compared Mahomes and Burrow during a Monday appearance on ESPN’s NFL Live program, citing Burrow’s depth of throw as something that will make it possible for him to play effectively. He made the implication that he would be placed in better scheme-related positions with the Bengals’ quarterback.

“Now, as opposed to having to play in a lot more space with guys on my edge, guys have got to rush through me because Joe isn’t necessarily at 12-1/2 or 13 yards on certain drops. He’s going to be at 7-1/2 getting the ball out.”

After two seasons the Chiefs allowed Brown to hit the open market as a free agent but he declined their offer. The four-time Pro Bowler then signed with the Bengals on a four-year deal worth $64 million.

Why did Chiefs supporters take offense to Brown Jr.’s remarks?

Following his remark, the left tackle had to endure a bunch of backlashes from the Chiefs fans as they regarded his statement as throwing shade at the two-time MVP. The Chiefs fans regard that the Chiefs Super Bowl winning quarterback is more likely to drift back in the pocket but he’s gotten better at it every year compared to Joe, hence it prompted them to take a hand for Patrick regarding the players’ take.

One of the Pats’ fans washed the Bengals player in the comment box stating him as ‘One of the worst pass blockers in the league’ and blamed him for the injury Mahomes suffered in the game.

“I’m so glad the Chiefs got rid of him. One of the worst pass blockers in the league and he honestly thought he was going to get paid mega mega millions after giving up the most pressures in the NFL & constantly falling over. He was the reason Mahomes even had his injury.”

Another fan regarded it as a hateful comment for his former quarterback commenting, “Is he silently hating….come on dude”. While another one challenged the left tackles’ remark asserting, “If Joe gets rid of the ball so fast why did he take over 90 sacks the last 2 years”.

Burrow and Mahomes are considered the best for their respective teams, hence, a battle of charts and words will be ongoing. Though the remark of Orlando was not a direct hit for Pats, the QB lover felt hesitant to leave an inch to reply back.


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