Chiefs heiress Gracie Hunt shares stunning shots holding Lombardi Trophy after winning Super Bowl LVII

People are always passionate about their own assets. They always want to take strong care of their assets as much as possible. The same way Gracie Hunt who is the daughter of the Kansas City Chiefs wanted to see her team as a champion.

On Sunday night, after the Kansas City Chiefs win against the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl 2023, the field at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, was glowing with Clark Hunt’s daughter and other family members celebrating the team’s success.

“We just won the Super Bowl!” Hunt made the declaration in an Instagram Story.

Hunt, a former Miss Kansas USA, proudly displays the Lombardi Trophy that her Chiefs football team won for the second time in four seasons in a different post.


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“It shines bright like a diamond!” Hunt captioned on Instagram. “God is so so good—thank you Jesus!”

Hunt has been posting photos from the sidelines of the big game on Sunday before the game started to give followers a glimpse into her adventure. She expressed optimism to The Post that the Chiefs might maintain their early season form all the way until Super Bowl 2023.

“We’re excited to hopefully finish our season with a win in Arizona just like we started it with a win in Arizona,” Gracie Hunt made a reference to the Chiefs’ Week 1 win against the Cardinals.

Sunday’s championship victory capped off an eventful week for Hunt, who on Thursday revealed she would be the cover girl for the March/April 2023 issue of the Magazine name Maxim.

“I’ve always admired the many strong, smart, successful women featured in Maxim. They have inspired me in the fearless pursuit of their careers & dreams which makes this cover so meaningful to me. It still feels surreal!” Gracie posted on Instagram, her mother replied there, “Living BIG girl! Chase your dreams!”


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