Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes opens up on brother Jackson’s reported arrest for aggravated sexual violence: “It’s kind of a personal thing”

Patrick Mahomes younger brother was arrested and charged with aggravated sexual violence. But the quarterback didn’t say anything about the matter. After a long silence, he finally talked about this matter in a press conference. But Patrick’s response shed light on his desire to keep the matter private.

Jackson Mahomes arrested for reported sexual violence

Jackson Mahomes, the younger sibling of renowned Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, was arrested and taken into custody for accusations of committing sexual violence. The reported incident occurred at Aspen’s Restaurant and Lounge in Overland Park, Kansas. 

Patrick Mahomes

Younger Mahomes was charged with both aggravated sexual battery and misdemeanor battery charges. 

Patrick Mahomes’ Response to His Brother’s Arrest 

During a press conference on Wednesday, Patrick, aged 27, expressed his preference to refrain from publicly discussing the allegations surrounding his younger brother, Jackson, aged 23.

Patrick stated that the matter is personal and one that he would rather keep private. 

“Honestly, it’s kind of a personal thing that I’m just kind of going to keep to myself,” Patrick said.

Patrick Mahomes

He emphasized his focus on playing football and providing for his family, highlighting his intention to maintain a separation between personal matters and his professional commitments. Patrick stressed his dedication to performing on the football field when he was present in the team’s facilities.

“I mean, at the end of the day, I come here to play football and try to take care of my family at the same time. So I just kinda keep it to myself and just go out there and play football when I’m in the building,” the quarterback added.

Patrick Mahomes’ candid remarks regarding his brother’s reported arrest for aggravated sexual violence highlight his commitment to maintaining a boundary between his personal life and public scrutiny. By expressing his desire to keep the matter private and focusing on his responsibilities as a football player and provider for his family, he demonstrates a level of maturity and dedication to his craft. 

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