Chiefs’ QB Patrick Mahomes posts picture with WWE title, Lombardi Trophy after Super Bowl LVII victory vs Eagles

Patrick Mahomes has already managed to become Super Bowl Champion twice, Super Bowl MVP twice, NFL MVP twice, Pro Bowler five times, All-Pro 3 times, and OPOY once, all within the age of 27. With many touting him as a hall of famer already, his celebration pictures with the WWE title and the Lombardi Trophy may tease something big.

Super Bowl 57 MVP and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was receiving a lot of praise for his performance already but there was more to come. When the two-time Super Bowl MVP noticed a wonderful championship belt on a chair at the entry point of his respective locker back on Sunday after his team outlasted the 38-35 to finally become NFL champs, he knew what to do.

He took both trophies together and posted a photo that some translate as him making the classic Roman Reigns demand, “Acknowledge me.” Roman Reigns has been breaking record after record with his very own heavyweight championship run and now he will take on Cody Rhodes at Wrestlemania 39.

Patrick however needs to be weary of Roman’s tactics to hold on to his glory as the wrestler seems to have gone paranoid over his title. There were many instances where Roman seemingly almost lost the fight until the Bloodline and the Usos arrived to save the day. We of course trust the Kansas star to hold on to his morals.

The superstar has the moral fortitude to even praise his opponents post-game, “The guys had to continue to battle. We hurt ourselves a lot. But that (opposing) team plays hard. We got to cut out the penalties, cut out the turnovers, and be cleaner or there’s gonna be a lot of battles for us,”

Will Patrick Mahomes actually move to WWE?

It’s not unheard or unseen for athletes from different sports to make a move to WWE. UFC fighter Ronda Rousey and former NFL player Tino Sabatelli have joined the WWE. Since WWE mainly needs jacked-up people with athletic capabilities and a marketable personality to perform as wrestlers, Patrick could be a very good candidate.

For now, we will curiously watch where the 27-year-old goes with his football career.


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