Clippers Paul George hails ex-teammate Bulls star Patrick Beverley’s winning attitude: “Pat is a winner, that motherfu**ker wants to win”

Paul George and Karl-Anthony Towns, two NBA stars with a shared history, recently expressed their admiration for their former teammate Patrick Beverley. The two players discussed Beverley’s impact on their careers during an episode of Podcast P with Paul George.

Beverley, a former Clippers player, had a strong influence on the team’s culture, according to both players. He played two seasons alongside George, and together, they made it to the Western Conference Finals in 2021. However, the Clippers were unable to advance to the NBA Finals after Kawhi Leonard’s injury.

Towns, who played with Beverley for only one season in Minnesota, spoke highly of his former teammate. “Man, he’s special,” said Towns. “He’s special as a player, as a person. You know? He’s a winner. And he breathes winning and it’s great that his competitive juices fly that much because it pushes you to another level.”

George also praised Beverley’s competitiveness, recalling a time when Beverley sent him a personalized scouting report on the Dallas Mavericks during the playoffs. “That motherf***** wants to win,” George said. “He’s about the right s*** at all times. Pat is locked in at all times.”

Despite not having impressive career stats, Beverley’s energy and leadership are valued by his teammates. “Whatever you say he lacks in size, or he lacks in skill set, or whatever he totally makes it up by being himself and being the energy you need a leader to be,” Towns added.

Beverley will become an unrestricted free agent this summer, and it’s uncertain where he will sign. However, both George and Towns expressed interest in playing with him again. “He’s one of those guys you hate to play against him and you would love it if he was your teammate,” said Towns. “You love playing with him, you hate seeing him on the court against you because he’s such a pest and he’s annoying as hell.”

In summary, Beverley’s impact on his former teammates is evident in their admiration and respect for him. His competitive spirit and energy make him a valuable asset to any team, and his leadership qualities are unmatched.

Patrick Beverley Demands Top Dollar in Free Agency

Patrick Beverley, the 34-year-old NBA player known for his defensive skills, has announced that he will be entering the free-agent market after the Chicago Bulls were eliminated from the playoffs. Beverley, who has never missed the playoffs in his first 10 NBA seasons, is now looking for a new team and a new contract.

Bulls sign Patrick Beverley |

In a recent podcast episode, “The Pat Bev Pod with Rone”, he shared the amount he is targeting. Beverley mentioned that his game hasn’t dropped, so he thinks that his salary should not drop either. He stated that he is currently making $13 million but expects to make $15 million next year.

It remains to be seen which team will be willing to pay the price for Beverley’s services, but his defensive skills and playoff experience could make him a valuable addition to any team.


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