Dallas Cowboys kicker Brett Maher sets NFL record missing 4 extra points in Wild Card playoff vs Buccaneers

The Dallas Cowboys on Monday were the deserving winners of their Wild Card game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This season the Cowboys were sensational and went on to win twelve out of their seventeen games. The team has a very balanced lineup, with everyone equally participating and contributing to the team. Even the teams’ kicker Brett Maher had significantly contributed with fifty successful extra points out of his fifty-three attempts.

With the “kicking form” he was in, fans expected the player to improve his 90.6% field goals and turn it to a flat 100% success rate in his game against the Buccaneers.

However, things likely do not go as planned, and the kicker could not even come to close to his regular performance in the awaited Wild Card game. Brett went on to create history, but not in the best regards. Instead, his record is among the worst out there. 

Although the Cowboys won the game convincingly with a seventeen-point margin, the kicker in the game Cowboys vs Buccaneers, Maher misses all four out of his first four opportunities to score extra points.

Even though his misses did not cost the Dallas team any harm he went on to create history by breaking a ninety-one-year-old record. 

What record did Maher break in the game Cowboys vs Buccaneers?

According to many sources, “Brett Maher is only player in any NFL game since 1932 to miss four extra points in one game, regular season or the playoffs….(1932 is the start of many official statistics in NFL).”

Maher could have easily gone past that record if he had missed his fifth one. Fortunately, he did score in his final attempt making him equal to the 1932 record, rather than overtaking it.

At the end of the day, Maher could not maintain his 90.6% success rate while gaining extra points, which significantly dropped down to a below-average 20% on the night of the Wild Card game. 

Yet Maher will like to forget his humiliating record and focus on the upcoming Divisional game against the 49ers- a team that seems to be undefeatable at the moment. The Divisional Round of the tournament will undoubtedly be full of fireworks. So stay tuned and set yourself up for an exciting contest!


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