Despite allegedly experiencing injuries due to BBB sneakers, Lonzo and LaMelo Ball endorse their father’s shoe brand

LaVar Ball, the father of shining NBA players Lonzo and LaMelo, is a ridiculous man. He once made a claim saying he would defeat the great Michael Jordon in a one-on-one game because apparently, he had “Neva Lost.” Everyone knows that he makes such claims just to get attention but still people can’t stop themselves from giving him attention. That’s what makes him a genius and a fool at the same time.

With the Big Baller Brand (BBB) shoes that are as ridiculous as himself, LaVar has once again been successful in grabbing people’s attention. Although his sons are promoting their father’s brand, there might be more to the shoes’ quality than just meets the eye.

Lonzo Ball and LaMelo Ball promote BBB shoes

LaVar Ball’s shoe company Big Baller Brand (BBB) has been largely criticized due to their poor quality in recent times. Despite knowing about the fault in their shoes, Lonzo and LaMelo have chosen to ignore that and support their father in his business endeavors. This kind of love and loyalty is what allows people to earn royalty. However, their loyalty will be put to test as their professional careers grow.

Money is the thing a man finds most attractive and sportsmen have every right to earn an income not only by playing sports but also by establishing their brands and businesses. Perhaps the endorsement of the BBB sneakers was financially rewarding for the Ball Brothers driving them to promote the brand.

But it is important to remember that there are countless numbers of fans who root for players like Lonzo and LaMelo and idolize them. It won’t be fare if these fans are sold faulty and super expensive shoes.

When a player advertises and promotes a certain brand, he also ensures a safety and security associated with its products. The Ball Brothers should be careful about what they are promoting. Their shoes might be the reason they have to walk away with more serious injuries.

Lonzo Ball gets injured for wearing BBB sneakers

Lonzo, during his rookie season with the lakers, got injured and had to watch the games from the sidelines. After that people started questioning the BBB brand and whether it had something to do with Lonzo’s injury, Lonzo did not agree with that at first.

Later while he was suffering from a torn meniscus, Lonzo himself revealed that his injury was due to the Big Baller Brand shoes.

“The ZO2s I was playing in, they was not ready. No one knows this, but D-Mo had a backpack, and he had like an extra four pairs of shoes in there, because I had to switch them every quarter, because they would just rip.”, Lonzo said on the LightHearted podcast.

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He continued, “I’m like, “Yo, I’m not playing in them shoes.” Like, “I don’t care bro.” Because they’re my shoes. I had to debut them. We went so far with it.”

“I’m like, “Cool, I can get a quarter in. But that’s it. We’ve got to switch them every quarter.” And nobody noticed. And by the end of that quarter, they were beat up. And it’s crazy, right when I switched my shoes, then all of a sudden magically I got good again.”

A professional athlete’s journey is undeniably challenging, with injuries posing a significant threat. In the case of a promising talent like Lonzo, an injury could potentially shatter not only his personal aspirations but also that of his family and fans.

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