Despite suffering from leg injury, Luka Doncic wins player of the game and presents it to a couple who named their kid after him

Luka Doncic tried putting his best performance for his team at the FIBA World Cup. Slovenia finished the tournament in seventh place after a win over Italy on Saturday, 9 September 2023.

Doncic has been facing a left thigh injury for a long time but the player refuses to take a break and is still playing at his full potential. He provided an update on his injury status and about his future in the upcoming NBA season, meanwhile creating a heartwarming moment post-game.

Luka Doncic gives his trophy to a couple

After the game against Italy, Luka Doncic was named TCL player of the game for his exceptional performance. The Mavericks star gave out a 29-point, eight assists, ten rebounds, and three steal performance which was surely worthy of an award.

Just after the game ended and during the post-match greetings, Doncic spotted a couple holding a board carrying the message, “LUKA I WAS NAMED AFTER YOU.” El Matador then gave out his Player of the Game award to the couple, who named their son after him, as a gift. This was a very heartwarming moment for all of his fans as instead of taking it home and adding it to his numerous accolades, Doncic decided to gift his award to the couple.

The video of his kind gesture is making rounds on social media platforms and people are moved by this wholesome moment. The Dallas star has been lauded over his generous act and fans are also excited to see him play in the upcoming NBA season. But that might be a bit of a problem for the star because of his left thigh injury.

Injury update on Luka Doncic

Luka Doncic just finished his FIBA World Cup run with his national team, Slovenia. He played in the game for seventh place against Italy despite the discomfort in his left thigh, showcasing his dedication towards his country. After the match against Lithuania on Thursday, the Mavs guard shared an update about his injury. According to Grant Afseth of the Dallas Basketball, Luka said, “I do not know what to say. It’s not okay.”

Luka Doncic
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Luka Magic then explained that he has to prepare for one more game for the world cup and then for a whole season in the NBA. Now with the FIBA run coming to an end for the Mavs star, he has got around three weeks to rest and recover before starting the pre-season with his NBA team. This injury first showed up in March which sidelined Doncic for 5 games, but it seems that El Matador can manage it for now.

As long as there are no further problems for Luka Doncic, we can expect him to kick off pre-season with the Mavs at full potential.

What do you think of the wholesome gesture by Luka Doncic? Do you think Luka will be able to start the upcoming season injury-free? We are eager to hear your thoughts, so do let us know in the comments section.

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