Doug Gottlieb slams NBA commissioner Adam Silver over Ja Morant IG live gun incident

Recently, NBA star Ja Morant sparked controversy after sharing a live video on Instagram. In the live he was seen carrying a gun. However, the situation took a turn for the worse when sports commentator Doug Gottlieb criticized NBA Commissioner Adam Silver for not taking action against Morant.

Doug Gottlieb

He shared that it’s quite simple for him to criticize Ja Morant’s father. But it’s also important to recognize that the Memphis Grizzlies should take some responsibility for not keeping a closer eye on their star player. However, it’s not entirely their fault, as Adam Silver and Ja Morant himself should also shoulder some of the blame.

He further added Discipline policies are a necessary part of all sports leagues. Adam Silver should be held accountable for ensuring that they are enforced. He blamed Adam Silver.

Doug Gottlieb said Ja Morant’s behavior and self-proclaimed gangster persona are reminiscent of past NBA players like Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson. However, he argues that most players in the league are professionals, businessmen, and thoughtful individuals. He also suggested that Ja’s behavior may fuel negative opinions of the NBA. But not all young stars in the league behave in the same way.

Why did he slam Adam Silver for Morant’s actions?

Doug Gottlieb

Gottlieb suggests that the lack of discipline and enforcement by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is a problem, with players not being held accountable for their behavior. He also criticized Silver’s reluctance to take action against players who miss games, despite high ticket prices and free games on TV.

“This is on Adam Silver. You want to change the name ‘owners’ to ‘governors’ because somebody’s feelings are hurt? Because you’re like ‘well, there’s a likening to slaves’… No, there’s not. You own a business, and you own the rights to people who work for you… That’s it, it’s not slave labor and they’re being handsomely compensated.”

He further added, “This is the same commissioner who said guys missing games wasn’t that big a thing… You don’t think it’s a problem?? It’s a joke, it’s a farce. Ticket prices are higher than ever, the games are free on TV, and yet we don’t even know who is going to play in those games?”

In conclusion, Doug Gottlieb’s criticism of Adam Silver and the NBA’s lack of discipline regarding Ja Morant’s behavior highlights ongoing issues within the league. As the NBA continues to grow in popularity, it will be necessary for the league to address these issues. NBA needs to ensure that players are held accountable for their actions.

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