Dwight Howard boasts greatness snubbing 2x NBA MVP Nikola Jokic: “In my prime, it’s a wrap”

Dwight Howard, one of the renowned centers of his generation, said that he would surpass Nikola Jokic’s present form, the two-time NBA MVP and winner. Howard firmly claims that he was better in his prime, disregarding the Joker’s impressive playmaking skills and recent successes.

As evident by his impressive career accomplishments, which include selection to many All-Star games, Defensive Player of the Year awards, and excellent talents in rebounding and shot blocking, Howard feels confident in his ability to dominate the basketball floor. Fans are divided by Howard’s comments, with some questioning his confidence and others eager to see how the two stars square up.

Dwight Howard’s infamous take on Nikola Jokic

At his peak, Dwight Howard was a powerful center and he seems to think he would still be successful today with that form. Howard claims that he would superior to Nikola Jokic, the two-time MVP in an interview with Complex.

Dwight emphasized his excellent scoring and rebounding totals, which he attained without using post-up opportunities or three-pointers like Jokic. Joker is widely considered one of the best playmaking centers of all time, and he constantly posts high assist totals, but this comparison ignores his playmaking skills.

Despite the controversy, Howard had a strong effect during his heyday. 8 All-Star picks, 5 first-team All-NBA honors, 4 first-team All-Defensive team picks, and 3 Defensive Player of the Year awards are just a few of his amazing accomplishments. Howard topped the league for five seasons in both rebounds and blocks per game.


Howard genuinely thinks that in his heyday, he was a powerful force, even if he concedes that some people may have underestimated him due to his age. Despite the possibility that players like Joker and Embiid would one day overtake him, he affirms his position as one of the greatest centers in NBA history with assurance.

Dwight Howard’s NBA career highlights

Dwight Howard entered the NBA in 2004 and was selected first overall. D-12 started all 82 regular-season games, becoming the NBA’s youngest player to ever average a double-double. As a member of the USA team that won the bronze medal, Howard participated in the Magic’s 2007 playoff comeback.

The stats from D Howard’s NBA career demonstrate his influence and accomplishments on the floor. He took part in 1242 games throughout the course of his career, demonstrating his dependability and endurance in the league.

Dwight used his quickness and post presence to help offensively, averaging 15.7 points on average each game. Steel Man averaged 11.8 rebounds per game, displaying his ability to control the boards. His rebounding talent was extremely impressive.

Even though Howard isn’t particularly recognized for his playmaking, he nevertheless made a contribution with 1.3 assists per game, displaying his desire to include his teammates. Steel Man had a 58.7% field goal percentage, which reflects his proficiency at finishing around the basket, and speaks to his shooting efficiency.

D-12 had a three-point shooting percentage of 21.4%, although Howard’s three-point shooting was not a prominent aspect of his game. A potential area for improvement was his 56.7% free throw percentage.

Overall, Superman’s career stats demonstrate his effect as a dominant force in the paint, particularly in terms of scoring and grabbing rebounds. Throughout his NBA career, he was successful in part because of his effectiveness, agility, and defensive ability.

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