Ex-NFL reporter Lisa Guerrero reflects on traumatic miscarriage she experienced live while on ‘Monday Night Football’ sidelines

Inside Edition host, Lisa Guerrero is opening up about a traumatic event that occurred during her time working as a sideline reporter for “Monday Night Football” (MNF) in 2003.

In her upcoming memoir “Warrior,” Guerrero recounts the moment she realized she was having a miscarriage while on live television.

“I thought, ‘Oh, I got my period. And then I remembered I was pregnant. I was having a miscarriage! I could feel blood leaking,” Guerrero wrote in an excerpt from her book. With no time to go to a bathroom, Guerrero had to deliver her live report, describing the experience as “excruciating.” Despite the pain, she was determined to stand up straight and continue with her job, even though she knew she had mispronounced a player’s name.

Lisa Guerrero chronicles her iconic career—from dealing with harassment as a sports broadcaster to chasing “bad guys” for Inside Edition in her new memoir “Warrior”

In “Warrior,” Guerrero also discusses the sexism she faced while working at MNF. She was regularly criticized for her appearance and was labeled a “bimbo.” Guerrero explained that she was trying to be a serious journalist like Barbara Walters, while her male counterparts were trying to be the next Howard Stern. She was constantly subjected to negative comments and objectification.

Despite being let go after one season, Guerrero doesn’t blame any one person for her pregnancy loss.

Instead, she believes it was a culmination of the negativity and cruelty she faced throughout the season. “It was really cruel,” she wrote. With her upcoming memoir, Guerrero hopes to share her story and bring attention to the challenges faced by women in the sports industry.



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