Exploring facts why critics think if Kevin Durant and Jordan Poole hadn’t gotten into altercation with Draymond Green, he would still be in Warriors

Draymond Green has a history of getting into arguments with players and even his own teammates. During their time at the Golden State Warriors, both Jordan Poole and Kevin Durant managed to get involved in incidents with Green.

After a recent video went showing Jordan Poole and Kevin Durant working on their shooting together after leaving the Warriors for different teams, NBA critics think that if there had been no incidents between the duo and Draymond, they might have still been a part of the Warriors.

Draymond Green argues with Jordan Poole and Kevin Durant

The violent argument Kevin Durant and Draymond Green had during KD’s final season with the Golden State Warriors was discussed in an interview between the two. This happened in a game against the Clippers during the regular season when both players fought for a rebound late in a game that was tied at the time. After Green committed a turnover that sparked an argument on the bench, the front management decided to suspend him.

Unfortunately, Durant and Klay Thompson were injured during the NBA Finals against the Raptors, ending the Warriors’ hopes of completing a three-peat. So, Durant left in the offseason, signing with the Brooklyn Nets.

Jordan Poole stole the show in a recent NBA preseason match between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors. Draymond Green, who was known to have hit young prospect Poole in the face during an earlier confrontation, was absent from the game. Despite the loss, Poole’s spectacular play on the court earned him praise from both Kevin Durant and his peers.

Durant may have encountered a different side of Draymond Green’s character that was revealed in the leaked video of his argument with Poole. Green made an apology and took full responsibility for his conduct after punching a teammate, which was likely the breaking point in their friendship.

If the fight never happened, would Durant and Poole still be on the Warriors’ roster? This event, along with the team’s inability to win a title, has been blamed for Durant’s decision to leave the Warriors and join the Brooklyn Nets.

After the matter was settled, the chemistry between Draymond Green and Poole seemed to change as the club recognized and appreciated the potential of the young player.

Jordan Poole and Kevin Durant work out together in the offseason

Jordan Poole and Kevin Durant, both formerly of the Golden State Warriors, surprised everyone by teaming up for a shooting session during the offseason. Ralen Brown’s Instagram account filmed the pair as they worked out, and while they never had the chance to play together on the Warriors, a glimpse of ‘what could have been’ was shown in the recent video.

The Warriors traded for Poole from Michigan in the first round after Durant left for the Nets in 2019. Poole, who was part of the trade that sent Chris Paul to the Warriors, is now playing for the Washington Wizards, while Durant is with the Phoenix Suns.

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