Fans question Titans’ compensation update of $94 million deal with DT Jeffery Simmons as “overpaid asf”

The Tennessee Titans made headlines last week with their announcement of a new deal for all-pro defensive lineman Jeffery Simmons. The contract is reportedly worth $94 million over four years, with a guaranteed sum of $66 million. While many fans were excited to see the Titans retain one of their top players, some have expressed concern that the team may have overpaid for Simmons’ services. In this article, we’ll explore the details of the deal and the reactions of fans.

On Friday, the Tennessee Titans achieved their most significant goal of the offseason by reaching a new deal with Jeffery Simmons, their all-pro defensive lineman. 

The Titans will provide Simmons with a four-year contract worth $94 million, making him the second-highest-paid interior defensive lineman in the NFL, only behind Aaron Donald, an all-time great. This contract averages out to $23.5 million per season, an impressive amount for Simmons.

Moreover, Simmons will receive a massive guaranteed sum of $66 million, including $24 million in signing bonus money. This guaranteed amount is the second-highest in the NFL, just one million less than Donald’s recent deal. 


After two consecutive seasons as a second-team all-pro, Simmons deserves this amount.

How are fans reacting to Titan’s deal with Jeffery Simmons?

Jeffery Simmons

As the news of Jeffery Simmons’ new contract spreads, fans are buzzing with excitement and amazement. Some fans, however, are surprised by the hefty price tag, and they aren’t afraid to voice their opinions on social media.

One fan commented, “Overpaid asf.”

 Another stated, “Overpay Yesus.” It seems that many fans are concerned that the Titans might have overpaid for their star defensive lineman.

Regardless of whether fans think the Titans overpaid for Simmons, there’s no denying that he’s an exceptional player, and the team is lucky to have him. As the new season approaches, fans will be eager to see how Simmons performs with his new contract and whether he can lead the Titans to glory.

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