“F**k the game”: Gilbert Arenas revealed reward for beating Kobe Bryant

Gilbert Arenas, well known by his nickname “Agent Zero,” reflected on one of the most memorable events from his career in a recent interview on VladTV.

On December 17, 2006, he shocked the basketball world by scoring a big number against the Los Angeles Lakers, headed by the renowned Kobe Bryant, and he still talks about it with great affection. Arenas shooting percentage demonstrated his undoubted skill as a scorer. In the locker room after the game, he was overjoyed to tell his teammates about his incredible performance against Kobe Bryant.

Gilbert Arenas explains the payoff for winning against Bryant

Gilbert Arenas scored an unbelievable 60 points in a game against Kobe Bryant in December 2006. Arenas had an unusual reaction after his team’s win, despite his amazing performance.

Entering the locker room after his remarkable feat, Arenas couldn’t contain his excitement as he exclaimed, “‘Yo! I just f***** scored 60 bro. 60 on f****** Kobe Bryant.'” Despite the coach acknowledging their victory, Arenas had a different perspective, proclaiming, “‘Man f*** the game, you know how much p*ssy I’m going to get now?'”

Although Gilbert Arenas’ response may have surprised some, it shows how much confidence and leadership “Agent Zero” displayed both on and off the court. This iconic moment has helped cement Arenas’ place in NBA history, even years after the fact, because of his unmatched confidence and scoring prowess.

Arenas never won NBA Championship

Gilbert Arenas

The career of former Washington Wizards point guard Gilbert Arenas was hampered due to a lot of injuries, preventing him from reaching his full potential on the court. Arenas was a three-time All-Star, but still, he did not win an NBA title before he retired from the NBA. However, his offensive skill was unmatchable, as seen by his career NBA scoring average of almost 20 points per game in 552 games. In his earlier days, the gifted scorer showed that he can be a game-changer just by handling play from the point.

The kind of impact he may have had in the league was unfortunately destroyed by injury. Arenas’ scoring ability and his eye-catching plays in the NBA, though, ensure that he will always be remembered as a legendary figure in the sport.


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