Former Broncos QB Tim Tebow steps into Hollywood with vital role in upcoming Biblical epic “David”

From being a college football legend to a professional baseball player, Tim Tebow has achieved a lot in his sporting career. However, the former Broncos quarterback has now stepped into a new arena, Hollywood. Tebow’s executive producer role in the upcoming Biblical epic “David” is already making waves, breaking audience investment records for film production.

Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow Meets DAVID!

The film tells the story of a legendary figure with the same name. In partnership with Angel Studios, Tebow announced that ‘David’ has already set a record for audience investment in film production, with almost $50 million raised so far towards the $61 million goal. 

During the live-streamed announcement of the movie, Tebow expressed his gratitude towards the supporters and revealed his excitement about the film’s potential impact on its viewers.

“So, I heard a rumor that we are the number one crowd-funded movie of all time. That’s crazy! That is so awesome. I’m so grateful to be a part of it,” Tom said.

“I am just so grateful [that] so many people are coming together to tell the story of David, that I think will bring faith, hope, and love to so many people. And ultimately, that’s the goal.”  

A New Chapter for Tim Tebow 


Tebow’s involvement in this project is not surprising, given his frequent discussions about his faith. The animated film, which is expected to release in 2025, has the potential to inspire faith, hope, and love in countless people.

Tim Tebow is an executive producer of the biblical film David that's setting  new records
Tim Tebow the executive producer of the biblical film David that’s setting new records.

As Tim Tebow takes on a new challenge in Hollywood, his involvement in the production of David demonstrates his unwavering faith and passion for spreading positivity through the stories he shares. 

With Tebow’s leadership and the film’s inspiring message, David has the potential to make a profound impact on audiences and add another chapter to Tebow’s illustrious career. As the release date approaches, moviegoers and Tebow fans alike eagerly anticipate what’s to come from this collaboration between Hollywood and the NFL.

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