“Get a quality haul for him”: Pelicans PG CJ McCollum weighs in on Blazers Damian Lillard’s future

As the offseason draws near, the haziness surrounding Damian Lillard’s future with the Portland Trail Blazers has been a heated issue.  After 11 seasons with the franchise, the Blazers have failed to win an NBA Championship, which has raised the possibility that he would look to move to a team that can help him achieve his championship goals. CJ McCollum, Damian Lillard former teammate, offered his opinion on the matter in a recent edition of “The Ryen Russillo Podcast.”

McCollum offered his personal perspective, saying that the Blazers may consider dealing Lillard for a valuable package if they don’t make any meaningful strides in acquiring a winning team through trades. He emphasized that rather than Damian Lillard formally seeking a trade, this would be a decision dictated by the market and the possible return they may obtain for him.

In order to improve their squad and help Damian Lillard, the Blazers just acquired the third overall pick in the 2023 NBA Draught. This strategy can show how dedicated the team is to having the guard as their main player and actively chasing a title. The team may be entering a rebuilding period as opposed to focusing on Lillard if they decide to trade the selection for proven players, signaling a change in philosophy.

The Blazers’ strategy and willingness to build a title-contending squad around the PG will be made clear in the upcoming months. Whether they decide to make substantial moves or investigate trade options, their choices will reveal their long-term goals and their confidence in Damian Lillard as the key player in their campaign for a title.

Will Damian Lillard leave Portland Trail Blazers?

The possibility of Damian Lillard leaving the Portland Trail Blazers has generated a lot of rumors, and a number of clubs have shown an interest in obtaining the gifted point guard. The Los Angeles Lakers have emerged as a leading contender among the rumored locations. He stoked the flames by making a joke about joining the Lakers this summer while enticing fans on Instagram Live.

Although Damian Lillard’s remark excited supporters, it is still unclear whether it was a sincere indicator of his intentions or merely a humorous exchange. More information about his future and if a trade to the Lakers is a likely option will become clearer as the offseason goes on.

The Lakers’ chances of winning a championship would surely improve if they teamed up with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Fans and observers will anxiously anticipate more developments in this exciting plot, but not until any formal decisions or trade negotiations have taken place. The answers to where Damian Lillard will play next and if the NBA landscape will change will be revealed in the coming months.

How did Lillard perform this season?

In 2022–2023, Damian Lillard had a standout personal season that displayed his tremendous scoring and playmaking prowess. The PG routinely handled the offensive burden for his squad, scoring 32.2 points, dishing out 7.3 assists, and grabbing 4.8 rebounds per game on average. Despite his excellent efforts, his teammates’ lack of cooperation caused the squad to place 13th overall and miss out on the playoffs.

Damian Lillard diligently led his team, carrying the load of scoring and making opportunities for others, demonstrating his unique ability to make a significant difference in games. He was a formidable opponent on the court thanks to his skill at scoring and superb court vision.

However, because basketball is a team activity, the blazers guard’s individual brilliance was unable to make up for the team’s overall performance flaws. Their performance was eventually hampered by a weak supporting cast, which kept them from earning a playoff spot.

Despite the team’s poor season, Damian Lillard’s outstanding campaign is a tribute to his abilities and his capacity to continuously provide great performances. The organization has to provide him better assistance in order to maximize their potential moving ahead because his efforts were evident.


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