“Getting in the mood for carnival!” Tom Brady’s ex-wife Gisele Bündchen shares sexy dance routine for Brazil Carnival

Gisele Bündchen is the ex-wife of Tom Brady, and with her moves, she is getting the attention of many fans across the globe. Tom Brady’s love story turned into a tragedy after he came back to football last year. The NFL GOAT retired last year only to come back after a short span of forty days. Not spending enough time with his family, Gisele got angry with Tom and soon filed for a divorce. 

Afterward, Brady seemed devastated and was not himself. Now that he is retired again, he might get back on track. However, Bündchen, since her divorce from Tom, seemed the opposite. It almost felt like she was captive all those years, and now she is a free soul who can express herself in every possible way. 

After her divorce from Brady, the Brazilian model went on a trip and appeared to enjoy her time with her jiu-jitsu instructor. There were many speculations from fans that the model might be dating the handsome instructor. Even though there is no confirmation, the relationship with is likewise. 

Grabbing the attention of fans with all the controversial relationships, Gisele Bündchen won the hearts of hundreds and thousands of fans with her new dancing video on her Instagram account. 

Why was Gisele Bündchen dancing?

The Brazilian model’s dance practice with her instructor Justin Neto is for the upcoming traditional carnival in her country. So, Gisele captioned her post, “Getting in the mood for carnival! 💃🏼✨🎉Entrando no clima do Carnaval! @justneto.”


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The first part is certainly English, but the other half is Portuguese, as it is her native language. Gisele is having the time of her life. However, TB12 is not, and there are rumors that he is taking a break from Fox just to take a shot at his ex-wife and win her back

Although the fans do not want that to happen and suggest Tom Brady moves on in the same way Bündchen has, only Brady knows what he is up to, as he has a knack for surprising the crowd. 

Can you guess what Tom Brady is up to? You can share your opinion in the comments. 

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